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    Thumbs up A Certain Magical Adventure

    Spanning over the course of 141 screenshots, enjoy this "unfortunate" story

    A Certain Magical Adventure


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    LMFAO you're a dork. ^^

    The part about the hair thing, that reminds me of when I was younger. There is a story I must tell you for you to understand.

    When I was young, about eight or nine, I don't remember, my brother, sister, and I would watch Chinese dramas on the public access channel. We didn't know Chinese, nor had I started studying Japanese, therefore understanding the Chinese subtitles to some extent.(That would happen about five years later, and continues to this day.)

    While we watched these shows, one show in particular involving feudal slice-of-life society, we would make our own sort of fan-dub while we watched it. Nothing was recorded, we just did this to entertain ourselves.

    We noticed that their hair was super long, and most of the dubs consisted of :

    "My hair is better than yours! You can never hope to rule this land with your weak hair!"

    "Master! How can I achieve such prowess with my weak hair?"

    AHAHAHA good memories of mine!

    Anyway... a little...vulgar, but you have the right idea. Making your own stories out of existing images is good practice. I should find something like that and make my own story.

    I think it'll have to be something that I haven't watched, since everything I've watched or read about in English I know too much about. Likewise, everything I've watched in Japanese I know too much about, but the arasuji(summary) of stories are still kind of confusing to me...

    This is a good idea! This will help me create stories based off of images. Very good tool for creating dialogue, especially.

    This can also help me write in Japanese better, since it'll give me images to associate with the concept I am trying to grasp.

    All I can say is, this is a little vulgar. Please give a warning that their is foul language. Otherwise I can't really say there's anything wrong with it, just kinda random... I guess some things don't really have to make sense.

    Oh, and in case you're wondering. I am 23 now. I have been studying Japanese for the past 9 years, and still feel that it fails in comparison to my English. Likewise, I feel my English is lacking in organization, and that I need to read a lot more in order to finish writing my novel. (Storm and Erios, if you're interested) The version that is on the AMV/Fan Fiction forum is a skeleton model, constantly being changed. Please check it out if you are interested! I am looking for critique and any questions may lead me to a breakthrough!)

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    Quote Originally Posted by Areckx View Post
    just kinda random... I guess some things don't really have to make sense.
    Pot calling the kettle black...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangaz View Post
    Pot calling the kettle black...

    I don't see what you mean. I get the saying, but I don't know what you mean by saying it.

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    The phrase "The pot calling the kettle black" is an idiom used to accuse a person of being guilty of the very thing they are pointing out. This may or may not be hypocritical or a contradiction.
    from wikipedia

    That was my intention, yes! Everything is kinda random, in a way. Is there anything wrong with it? I don't think so.

    Although sometimes my intention is not to be random, but to be organized and structured, and ends up being random. This is something I must work on. My organization skills.

    What sets literature apart from real life is not its fantasy or its closeness to real life, but rather that it is planned out in such a way to deliver the message it intends to deliver as closely as possible.

    In theory, the "perfect literature" would be interpreted exactly the way the author intended, as if the person actually was inside their mind, without being "themself"

    I've been reading waaaay too much Orson Scott Card recently...

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    I can't figure out if you're a troll or just naturally incoherent.
    btw Areckx, you can just use the edit button on your posts rather than double posting.

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    Yeah I try to edit other than post whenever possible.

    What is this "troll" phenomenon? I'm kind of... 4-chan illiterate, if that makes any sense.

    Is it posting just to get attention?

    And what do you mean "incoherrent?" I am stating my opinion about his work, and not flaming, so what do you mean?

    Looked it up :::

    I don't intend to make anyone mad, I'm simply stating my opinion to voice my thoughts into tangible sentences. I believe in the idea that any event, person, place, or thing can invoke a breakthrough in another person's thoughts, perhaps leading them to the answer of whatever they were working on.

    Perhaps you were working on a school project, or a project for work, or whatever. Wouldn't it be amazing if, by taking a break from the "work" you somehow stumbled upon something that lead you to the answer you were looking for?

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    You're not making me mad, chief. Sorry if I seem to be acting like a twat with you.

    Maybe you're not a troll, You just seem to go off on a tangent in every post.

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    Now you're on the right track! ^^;

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