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    Senior Member Gulley's Avatar
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    Damn he lost everything, well troll master Kubo has 2 weeks to surprise us.
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    Sep 2007
    decent chapter....but not really.

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    Senior Member veLocity-'s Avatar
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    I'm stating right now, that Aizen's going to get broken out by Ichigo for whatever purpose.

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    Veteran Member
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    Jan 2010
    Next chapter is 3 weeks away.. the 27th/28th of october.. o.o

    I hope bleach gets better from now on, though.

    Captain Commander and everyone remained alive.. what a surprise.. Seems like gin probably died.. but im still a bit skeptical.. coulda just been thrown in jail like aizen or something.. And aizen was sent to hell, huh.. Its all part of his master plan, of course.. now he can find what hes looking for in hell... :-p

    And Vel, that is a wise statement.. I could see it happening in a good amount of scenarios..

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    Senior Member
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    Nov 2008
    one of the most hyped worst manga of all time.........
    if that is the ending.....IT WAS SOOOOOOO WEAK. PLEEEASE..
    i would rate this whole manga a -3

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    I don't (didn't) really relate to this main character even throughout the SS arc. I don't care much that he lost his power. Only problem is he might get attacked by a hollow with Karakura town being a spiritual concentration center of sorts.

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    Bleach/ Naruto fan
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    Apr 2010
    so did anyone notice Ukitake said it was ten days from the end of the fight and Rukia says Ichigo has been out a month? Kinda sucks aizen gets sent to the 8th "level" prison but seems generally intact while Ichigo lost everything. Doesn't seem like a fair trade off.

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    Senior Member Afro Thunda's Avatar
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    Aizen's coming back. I already know. He isn't done yet. All Hail SOSUKE AIZEN!!!!!

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    The Heropon! Sirxxx's Avatar
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    865 this a Bleach timeskip now?! The story is so poorly written and conceived that's it's not even clear. I mean, everyone seems as if they have gone off to train. And the last couple of pages are very "ending" like. But the main protaganist no longer has any power. And he's not shown going on any type of journey to gain any new power. So it can't be a timeskip, right?

    Screw it, I'm going to read one piece again for the 5th time. Fucking Ghost Samurai people!

    Oh, and nice to see Bleach sticking to its broken code--No good guys can die. Even if they've been cleaved clear in half, have smothered an atomic-style explosion AND performed a self-sacrificial kido, had a hand put through their chest, kidneys and such ripped out, and have received about 5 deep slashes a piece *coughHisagicough*. They cannot die. Who really cares at this point?

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