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    Naruto = StarWars

    Naruto is now becoming more and more like a StarWars.

    Jiraya = Obi Wan Kenobi
    Nagato = Darth Vader
    Naruto = Luke Skywalker
    Tobi = Darth Sidious

    Jiraya teacher of Nagato and Naruto = Obi Wan Kenobi teacher of Darth Vader and Luke
    Nagato and Naruto are the children of prophesy = Darth Vader and Luke are children of prophesy
    The destined child will bring stability to the ninja world = the destined child will bring stability to The Force
    Tobi corrupting Nagato = Darth Sidious corrupting Anakin aka Darth Vader
    Naruto making Nagato good again = Luke bring back Darth Vader to Light Side
    Nagato betraying Tobi = Darth Vader betraying Darth Sidious
    Naruto(nephew)-Nagato(Uncle - Nagato and Kushina are possibly cousins... same red hair) = Luke(Son)-Darth Vader(Father)
    Nagato killed Jiraya = Darth Vader Killed Obiwan Kenobi
    Chakra = the Force
    Yin/Yang = Light Side/Dark Side

    and now...

    The Army of Cloned Zetus = The Clone Army

    If you look closer... you'll find a lot of similar elements
    And probably we might even find future plots of naruto from StarWars

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    I know somebody beat you to this proposed parallel before. But as far as deducing future plot elements from what went on in Star Wars? I don't really think so.

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    So let me get this straight, you made this thread and then you posted the same post in the spoiler discussion?

    I dont really think Star wars is a comparable series to naruto.....
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    I think he is just trying to point out the Army of Cloned Zetus = The Clone Army lol

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    1. any talk of the so called army is spoiler material, and shouldn't have been made out of the spoiler thread.

    2. POW has already had a great thread on the parallels, it was obvious there are so many. It's that both are based on the duality of nature, the tao, as in good and evil, light and darkness, love and hate, yin and yang, but yea, there are some borrowed elements.

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    These are all elements of great sagas.

    the hero:
    has not known his parents
    discovers his powers, through meeting an initiate
    meets new friends in his new life
    is a one-in-a-generation talent
    has an arch-rival
    has a destiny of saving the world, as he was unknowingly implicated in some great dark scheme before he was initiated

    Skywalker, Potter, Uzumaki (any of the hundreds of heroes who match this description)

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    Next time use the search Feature.......... -_-
    For A thread comparing it to star wars....

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