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    Quote Originally Posted by Aga bomBa View Post
    Isn't it obvious?!?! Aizen probably manipulated someone in SS, before he left to HM.. though I think that he probably never BELIEVED to be captured by Soul Society, but yea; he's fckin " Aizen ".

    20.000 years or 38.800 years, what is it? Add 20.000 years is a translation error, right? Why would you give him 18.800 years in the first place, and after he insulted them; they add another 20.000 years ?!?!

    - So this means that his insult on them has more value then his first attack; killing Chamber 46 + everything he's done in SS.. lol, funny shit.

    My Man Captain- Commander is alive.. nice [ still a shitty way to be owned by fckin WW.. ]

    - Yammi being alive + that little doggy, has to mean something.. I see a " Fusion Dance " coming between Yammi and Little doggy
    lmfao. indeed, do not ever insult the soul society. yammi's gonna eat the dog.
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    Quote Originally Posted by In your head!!! View Post
    How ichigo gains his powers back/achieves new powers:

    1) Orihme uses her powers and ichigo gets back to the state where he had his powers
    2) He achieves new specified Hollow abilities
    3) like echotraveler said Urahara will do something
    4) The spiritking gives him his powers back because he is something like a destinied person wich has to fight against a Vasto Lord armee or a armee of hollows leaded by some VL´s
    5) The Hogyokou or how its named will give him his powers back course same reason as 4
    6 a) The most riciculos possibility Ichigos Mother appears and she has some crazy abilities (maybe she belongs to Squad Zero O.o???)
    6 b) Ichigos mother wich could appear is in danger and Ichigo breaks the bonds of whatever soulsstuff and reachs a new level

    What do you think ??? and how many of this stuff i posted is some really fucking shit ??? (i think its the most)

    Ichigo's Dad transfers His powers to Ichigo just like Rukia did at the begining.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rokudaime Sennin ™ View Post
    lmfao. indeed, do not ever insult the soul society. yammi's gonna eat the dog.
    Or the dog will eat yammi.

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post

    Ichigo's Dad transfers His powers to Ichigo just like Rukia did at the begining.
    Thought of that too. Then I thought to myself, damn that means Isshin would have to regain his powers all over again, again.

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    So this is it?

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    I was hoping central 46 would send Aizen to hell where he would become Satan. that would have been hardcore.

    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Death View Post
    I swear if your theories were any dumber I would be retarded...

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    seems like the end of bleach, at least thats what i guess reading the last translation.

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    2 weeks for information gathering? fck it take a year, just make the next arc worth reading.

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    Sadly i think this chapter signifies two things. One: bleach is done. Two: kudo is a hack writer, great artist but a crappy writer. He opened bleach up hard and then after SS arc started more plot threads than he could manage. Rather than shore every thing up (brace for the list)

    Ichigo/Orihime love interest
    Ishin's past
    Ryukin ishidas relationship to anyone
    Vastro lords
    Spirit king
    Squad zero
    Gin/matsumoto's past (that was soo half ass)
    What happened to <character X>, cause there are too many to list
    What about <character x>'s bankai, *see above
    Orihime's cosmic power(that cant seem to reject kudo's bad writing)
    Aizen's 100+ year old plan to destroy reality that came down to yelling and fighting with everyone, and going out like a bitch.

    Rather than own up kubo ran that train off the bridge and said screw it, fade to black.
    Im rich biatch! *honk honk*
    So folks i hope you enjoyed reading bleach atleast for a little while. I like the pretty pictures.

    PS mods, feel free to move this to the bitch abour bleach thread. Just had to get it out after reading those spoilers.

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    I don't see it where it's written anywhere that Bleach has ended.

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    Quote Originally Posted by kuroihikari View Post
    I don't see it where it's written anywhere that Bleach has ended.
    At the bottom of the spoilers where it say "The End"
    And lets see zangetsu said goodbye the main villian is done.
    The chapter is titled farewell, and now rukia is saying goodbye.
    Ichigo seems accepting of everything. That seems pretty final to me.

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