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Hmm, well, maybe if they had constant control of the temperature of the water.. Then itd be almost a battle of who could stay the hottest/coldest.. Although, once the water reaches the first it will get weakened a bit.. then once it covers natsu its like game over..
But still, if natsu can get his flame hot enough it still wouldnt matter is all.. Although, that also can go the other way.. His flame couldnt do shit if the water is too cold..

And juvia can control the waters temp? So she can make it ice, huh.. O.o And also boil the water.. thats interesting, actually.. You sure she can? cause then she could freeze people, and boil people.. and drown... itd be an amazing power.. also versatile... o.o
Actually, id have to say she cant.. cause then she should have beaten gray.. right? o.o
(or did i misinterpret what you meant when you said like juvia?)
Youre right I should have written that better. She was making her water hotter but I dont recall her making it ice cold. Im gonna go search for that page/chapter.

Edit: heres the boiling water.