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  • Kizaru

    3 8.82%
  • Aokiji

    14 41.18%
  • Akainu

    7 20.59%
  • A new person (not seen yet in the manga)

    10 29.41%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Agustin View Post
    Ohh... that's interesting.. tons of people voted for a Person who's not yet seen in the Manga.
    10 of 30 is a high percentage but not a ton of people IMO

    People think that the even though Sengoku was an Admiral and it is the natural progression of the military that they wont cut there offensive powers short by promoting an Admiral. Still it makes sense that Akoji not become a FA in the sense they dont get alot of combat use. Rubber is weak against extreme cold it becomes hard and brittle, making Akoji the best matchup against Luffy. Akainu due to the extreme heat he produces would force Luffy to be more elastic and he wont be able to pull himself together so as far as a match up to Luffys DF is concerned they are the biggest ones. Kizaru just doesnt seem to care one way or another about dark justice or akojis lazy justice (although he seems to lean towards the dark) and thus having him take the initiative and place HQ in the new world seems out of character. I still say that Akoji wouldnt do it either because he is to lazy but others dont agree. Many think that ee

    If Oda will shock us IMO it will be an unnamed VA and we have 6 of those, but I still think we will see a VA move to admiral and another unknown VA who was promoted from RA. I think the SH will end up clashing with the G-1-G-5 so we will see them fight plenty of VA's on the way to glory

    ^I think what he is saying is that he will replace one of the 5 members for some reason and thus maybe we see Sengoku be promoted, we still have yet to see Sengokus DF form so it would be nice to put him in a position where he might clash with Luffy. Although, he is showing signs of questioning his leaders decisions such as hiding the escape of dangerous pirates from the public, so I doubt that would happen.
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    Quote Originally Posted by joshecalpoly View Post
    @Shinhan I disagree Many of the VA's moved up the latter because there strength made them respected and we know that the current amdirals used to be VA's and Sengoku came up the same way. Strength = respect in OP. I think that the lowest rank we will see promoted to FA is a VA. Still now only do they have experience in fighting they also have experience leading troops now that doesnt make them strategists but it makes them comparable leaders.
    how is that disagreeing with anything i've said?

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    I voted Kizaru because personially I recon he'd make the best FA.

    However since the marines were being shown to not be a pure force of good, especially during the war, that an eviler FA is a must for the story.
    In order for Coby to eventuially be concidered the best marine and the savior who brings the marines back to a moral organisation that first the marines need to take a turn for the worse. So Akainu's dark justice seems to fit best with that.

    Oh and having a dark justice marines opens more story probabilities with the RA aswell
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    Quote Originally Posted by hwh316 View Post
    he's not a member of the old man 5. they're old men in a room and we've seen them and kong. they are the old men who run the government, not just retired marines.
    We saw them in the past and Kong must have aged by now. Sure, he's not the member of the original 5, but he can be an addition later on. We don't know the full extent of the Gorosei, so we can't really say if they are former marines yet or not.
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    Sorry misinterpreted what you said
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