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    If the series goes well after some more chapters, I wouldn't mind an FMA : Brotherhood-like reboot.

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    Yeah, it was good ;P. I wonder if we will see Kanda again, as he left his innocent to Allen and if Allen will use double innocent like his master ;D.

    Allen probably crushed the portal, so that no one could use it to go after them (this was the first ark that had -?-, right ?), but what about Earl's ? Isn't his a different one ?

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    This chapter was really great. Can someone clarify where Kanda and Alma went? Not sure where the place was. And doesn't destroying the portal means that we won't see Kanda again?

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    Paul, it was implied about 60 or so chapters ago that the Noah were probably capable of finishing their business a long time ago. I do think they're not just toying with the Order, though. There's probably something left for them to do before they utterly annihilate them. The Heart is still floating around for one and two, The Earl has whatever form of matter to attend to with the 14th.

    The whole set up since the beginning of the arc has been a massive show for them, so that would explain why they're not doing much in the way of interference.

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    This chapter was friggin' awesome!
    I was waiting like crazy and marking out dates on the calender just for this chapter!
    It was too good, DGM FANS! Start reading this chapter now!
    It was really touching, and sad.
    I was thinking, what if Alma was to be swallowed by Dark Matter and not be revived by the innocence? Probably Kanda should stab Alma to at least save her soul later on.
    Kanda for once, (except for reading the list during the DGM omake) called Allen by his name, and that smile, was really genuine.. (unlike those creepy smiles he gave whenever battling his opponents)
    Beautiful storyline, but Hoshino should put more effort in drawing the characters, maybe she was rushing to finish it o schedule? Thats why she drew it so hastily?
    Hm, other than that, awesome I would say! Love it! <3

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    Yeah I'm sure this isnt the last arc, I would be pissed if it was. D. gray man has become my favorite manga of all time, like I follow it as religiously (ha get it?) as most did (and some still do) Dragonball z. This has come about, however after the last hiatus as I started reading during the hiatus so I would be highly ticked to only have a favorite manga update for like.. what 18 to 20 more chapters?

    As everyone has said when the subject of it ending soon came up, there is way too much to end the manga here, not only have they not dealt with the Noah but there are other characters still left with way too much to do. Lavi still needs his own back story arc like Kanda with the current one haha. Lets see.. who else needs story points..

    Allen - as main character will just always need more.
    Lavi - as just stated above.
    Lenalee - I just want more of her haha~ <3
    Crowley - just needs more.
    Miranda - a character with as good a depth as hers needs more stuff to do.
    Timothy - just needs more sence his character has just been introduced an arc ago.
    Cross - (My hero and cosplayed character) needs to come back because there's no way he's really dead.

    So yeah it's not possible for Hoshino to end the manga here, that would be horrible writing. I mean come on shes not Kubo ;P

    This is really amazing, Kanda and Alma are going to become the hermits of Mater and hide out for the rest of their days (just Kanda if Alma is in fact dead which most likely he/she is) and later on Kanda will make an amazing, epic entrance! Master of the blade Yu Kanda, Hermit of Mater, it just has an beautiful ring to it, Aye?

    Also to all those confused about why the Noah didn't just kill them all: The earl's plan all along was to awaken the 14th. To do this, Allen had to be attacked by Innocence. For that to happen, Kanda (being the only exorcist that would) needed to attack Allen and for that to go down, the earl would need to set up a situation where Allen would sympathize with something and Kanda would be on the other side, fighting what Allen wanted to protect. One of the Earl's 'scenarios' as it were, therefore by making a person that Kanda had a beef with into an Akuma to fuel his hatred and have him fight it knowing Allen would step in to protect him, had Kanda attack Allen with Innocence and therefore awakening the 14th. They had to watch rather than attack for it to work.

    That makes you think just how amazing the Earl is as a villain and how good a writer Hoshino is.
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    So....did no one else find Kanda....sorta out of character?

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    Quote Originally Posted by NovemberSaint View Post
    So....did no one else find Kanda....sorta out of character?
    Not really. Kanda's never been heartless or anything like that, just a dick to Allen. After finally reaching his goal with help from Allen who he's only been an ass to he acted accordingly to what you could suspect of him to Allen and just everything else.

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    Aye it will be, I'm sad to see Kanda leave without showing 'Sixth Illusion Style' and to leave in general as you are but as far as writing skills go that last form shouldn't have been shown and him leaving is a wonderful development. This means, however that by manga standards that we will see Kanda again and he most likely will go Sixth Illusion. Something to look forward too Aye? As I said, 'Master of the Blade Yu Kanda, Hermit of Mater'!

    For a bit I was paranoid that the series would end but I know it wont yet. D. Gray-Man reads so well and is just an amazing manga I'm so excited for so much more of this epic tale!

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    Wisely, what does the demon eye say about his synchronization rate?
    It's over 9000!
    What?! 9000?! theres no way that can be right!!

    So what do you mean by 'seen-not-seen'? I'm a bit confused by that.

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