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    Reborn! Chapter 308 Discussion / 309 Predictions

    New Chapter is out:

    At Mangastream:


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    It's almost certain that the last flashbacks will show what really happened and why or how Giotto actually "abandoned" Shimon.
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    mukuro vs hat guy... mukuro wins. Obviously.

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    Great chapter. Ryohei vs Kouyou ended up in a draw, they both didn't have any strength left in the first place. But I don't think every fight will end in a draw. So am guessing after each fight everyone get's to see what happened between Vongola and Shimon in the past. I think Julie's up to something besides his wanting Chrome to be his girl. Does anybody else thinks that Tsuna and Enma will work together to free not just Ryohei and Kouyou but the other members of Vongola or Shimon that might end up there. I think so because I think there is someone else playing puppet master but who? Is it the one who gave Shimon the info on Vongola or someone else. Well that's it for now back to bed.

    Quote Originally Posted by Raymond Agustin View Post
    It's almost certain that the last flashbacks will show what really happened and why or how Giotto actually "abandoned" Shimon.
    Yup more than likely.

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    didnt expect a dra,but its ok i guess
    the flashback is cool,want to see more of that

    Quote Originally Posted by narutoseas View Post
    mukuro vs hat guy... mukuro wins. Obviously.
    i hope so

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    It was nice to see the flashback.

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