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    Bleach Bleach 422 Discussion / 423 Predictions

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    LoL, have you read at least the chapter or were you aiming on making this thread first ;P. The mangastream server is overload (again ;p) so I probably won't be able to read it today.

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    Senior Member mixa's Avatar
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    What's wrong with Ichigo?

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    Senior Member SquadZero's Avatar
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    Kubo you trolling bastard...

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    going nuts Lost_By_THE_Sword's Avatar
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    Nice concluding chapter:
    - like oh there was a fight between espada 0 and 2 captains, no need to show how they slaughtered him!

    *woot* for Hollow Puppy

    - nobody standing on the SS side died, ok, accepted
    - Ichigo philosophing about Aizen, beeing a slave to his own power and lonely - quite lame for the uber Villain in Bleach

    - Ichigo passing out, while screaming: IMO Hollow side takes over, since he used up all his Shinigami powers by using Mugetsu

    overall good 4/5

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    Senior Member joshecalpoly's Avatar
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    Im glad they didnt turn it into a soft chapter after all. I hate post arc chapters they tend to be like that, but every once in a while you get impending doom at the end.

    Honestly I wonder if Ichigos dad explained everything when he was training because he didnt seem curious at all about that.

    LOL thanks to OP's return it took 3 times as long to read this chapter as usual since the server kept crashing.
    Pandaman FOR PRESDIENT

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    Nice chapter. Although I would of wanted to see the fight between Yammy & Byakuya/Kenpachi. I guess Mayuri got his sample as he's missing an arm lol. Regarding Ichigo's current predicament I guess that his shinigami and hollow powers are not one and the same? Because it looks like hollow form is going to run riot.

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    Senior Member joshecalpoly's Avatar
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    Nah his hollow powers protect him although now that he is powerless I guess that might be the case and Ichigo will gain the power to release and control his hollow form.
    Pandaman FOR PRESDIENT

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    Damn, byakuya and kenpachi went to town on yammi. Sorta curious to see what is going with ichigo.

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    The Emperor of Everything dct21's Avatar
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    ichigo is super lame right now for sympothizing with aizen. it reminds me of the shinsui vs yuuske fight

    that face inue made was super cute though

    from the spoilers i thought it would be a scream of joy, but its more like a scream of pain, i hope his hollow side doesnt come out

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