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Reading other comments, am I the only one who interpreted the chapter spoilers as saying that what Aizen really wanted was to die in the hands of someone so strong, he can surpass anything he can dream of?

I don't really think, based on Ichigo's seeming new-found respect for Aizen based on the dialogue (i.e. the shounen "you can understand someone when you feel them with your fists speech"), Aizen had some other ulterior motive beyond that, and if he did it would probably be that Aizen knows something extremely powerful (Hell?) and that he wanted to see if there was someone who can match up to that.
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I also don't think Aizen was necessarily 'evil' regardless of what he's done to achieve the current situation. I've always seen Aizen as an ambitious guy, doing whatever he can in order to achieve his goals. That being said, he has no regard for such boundaries as good and bad. In a way - to me - he's like a classic tragic hero, he understand more the big picture but somehow he doesn't want to tell anyone.

In this spoiler, it seems as though Kubo is leaning towards the theory of Aizen actually wanting to be sealed, and as Kuroihikari stated, it may be to test someone like Ichigo to see if there is truely someone that can fulfill his plan. Whether it rids his own existence or not, Aizen seems like he's willing to make a sacrifice.

Then again, he could just be what most people interpret him to be.
Wait, are you two implying that Aizen is gonna pull an Itachi on us? Gin already did that, Aizen is more like Madara.

Kira, why would Aizen want to die in the first place? I would hardly be able to believe that all he wanted was to die in the hands of some1 whose power he couldn't even imagine, it's more like he wanted that power for himself and yet was missing something important from his equation. Ichigo plays a role in that equation to him gaining such power.

It's more like Aizen is gonna pull another Aizen on us, saying that it was all planned, he planned to be sealed up since he knew HGQ wouldn't let him die, and he wanted to see how far Ichigo could take things the natural way and learn from that.

As for Aizen preparing Ichigo for a far greater threat, then the whole soul society is f**ked cause they cannot compete, then they're all living in an ignorant bliss fighting small time hollows when only Aizen was able to discover a threat greater than himself to all the realms.

Only thing I can think of would be if Aizen gave the Vasto Lordes (who would be captain level anyways), powers of the arrancar, and they grew beyond the levels of a Vasto Lorde arrancar even, and he's trying to stop them now.