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    inside the great spirit

    fairy tail 202/ 203 predictions

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    nice we learned that they must defeat the s class member to be come one.thats gonna be very hard.i mean who can defeat glidarts?

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    everybody got himsself a cool partner,but no not natsu
    he goes with happy,not that happy isnt kewl,but natsu will have to fight 1on2 all the time
    except against the s-class mages,
    doesnt matter,im lookin forward to the beginning of the exams

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    So the teams:

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    It's decided, Cana will die.
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    no i dont think cana wil die, i think its mest, his probebly strong but we have not even heard about him berfor last chapter

    that gray and loki teamed upp was a suprice, i think they wil work great toghter

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    Quote Originally Posted by Roshi View Post
    So the teams:

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    This is turning out to be really really interesting!

    I dont see any of them beating either erza/marijane/gildartz. From what we've seen they are in a class on their own.

    We don't know cana's reason for needing to win so she'll either win because the story wants it or realise she doesnt need to be s-class to reach her goal like someone already said.

    I don't think cana will die, when you look back to charle's prediction where someone is lying on the ground you see cana and natsu crying...

    So.. who could the author kill off? I say the most likely would be Mest or Fried...

    The boy that kills everything knows natsu hmm, Dragonslayer of Death? Or he's actually in connection with cana maybe... This will be interesting.

    Who will become an S-class mage?
    -Natsu? That would be lame and predictable, besides that he has far too little composure to be s-class.
    -Grey? Cant see him turning s-class before natsu
    -Elfman? I dont feel it...
    -Luvia? Would be an interesting twist, maybe see her use her full water potential. Still, unlikely.
    -Fried? Dont see it happening.
    -Levi? She feels too green and inexperienced...

    Cana? For the story this could be likely, but she would need to show a lot of magical power we dont know about.
    Mest? Looks to be the likely candidate, but we need more info on him.

    Also, i could see something happening between the instant-death boy and wendy, dunno why. Maybe Wendy will unlock more of her healing powers or something.

    Lastly, cant wait to see Gildartz and Marijane in action again. EPIC! xD Thats gonna be funnnnnnnnnnnnnnnnn.

    So... Cant wait for the next chapter! xD
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    I expected Cana and Natsus pick but everyone else was almost a random shock. Cana will win it makes sense since thats how its being set up and as a summoner despite not having her strongest summon lucy's celestial wizardry makes her the most diverse partner, I think we are going to see Lucy evolve even more in this arc.

    Still Levy is my favorite and her + Gajeel rocks plus I love how he is picking her up lol. Still its a good way for him to get on better standing in the guild.

    Elfman has a weird partnership

    Juvia and Lissana doesnt seem like it will work all that much but we havent seen what Lissana can do since it has been 2 years

    Mystogans desciple + the wind dragon seem like the a tough team since he almost won the last competition

    Natsu + Happy to me seems like a lousy choice if its a battle.

    Fried is dangerous and so is Bixlow but the fairy queen is going to get revenge

    Honestly wasnt seeing loki + gray but even with his contract on hold can he fight his fellow spirits like aries.
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    Hells yeah happy and natsu will take this spot because natsu deserves it. But I can kinda see natsu about to win but then gives it up for Cana so she will stay:( don't even know why Cana and Levi are participating when they're so weak.

    Don't know why people keep saying natsu was crying too. Cana was crying not natsu.

    Edit: whoops sorry guys I just took a second look at that pic and Natsus eyes are watering.
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