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    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    I think Madara's true aim was to force Sasuke to take Itachi's Eyes. That IMO has been his strategy all along, and everything else he's said has been lies.

    Madara needs Sasuke, not for his body (as I used to think), but he wants to Sync Sasuke up with Geddou Mazou, he needs Sasuke as strong as possible. He also wants Sasuke to fight (capture) Naruto.

    It is as yet unclear as to how Madara will control Sasuke (as he said he needs to be able to). My Long held guess is that he has somehow booby-trapped Itachi's eyes...who knows?
    That's certainly a possibility. Personally, my guess is that Madara will bait Sasuke into using the Gedou Mezo and with the Rinnegan in his possession he will have some level of control once they are bound. Madara's powers also seem to be returning, I don't think he needs Sasuke as a fighter so much as he needs Sasuke as some sort of medium or sacrifice. Madara has already hinted at his intention to sync Sasuke to Gedou Mezo but we still don't know to what end or why Sasuke specifically. Madara seems to have put more thought into aquiring Sasuke than anyone else. Madara also didn't intend for Nagato to die as early as he did, so I think that still leaves a gap in terms of what Madara's intentions are for Sasuke precisely. Madara synching Sasuke with the Gedou Mezo seems like more of an after thought in response to Nagato's death than his original plan.

    I also don't think that Madara intends to have Sasuke fight Naruto simply to have Sasuke capture him. Madara made it seem important that Sasuke and Naruto fight, not so much that Sasuke capture Naruto. If it was merely a case of capturing Naruto, Madara has other options. I am certain that there is more to it than that. Sasuke and Naruto fighting must have some significance. I think it is interesting that Madara aquired the powers of Hashirama during their battle and now he intends to have Naruto and Sasuke clash, almost recreating that situation. Since the Valley of the End, a comparison has been drawn between Madara and Hashirama, and Sasuke and Naruto. My guess is that Madara intends to recreate some type of reaction during that fight and through their fight he will be able to obtain something. I don't know what specifically but I definitely think that their fight is for the purpose of Madara's gain and goes beyond simply aquiring the 9-tails.

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    Hi guys.. where is something to pass ur time....

    Madara Uchiha vs Hashirama Senju final battle

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