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    Claymore Wanna be Gladiator?

    last few days i am addicted to an online game called Gladiatus Hero Of Rome

    you take the role of a gladiator
    you fight in the arena against other gladiators
    you buy weapons/shoes/accessories/food/shields/etc
    you sell the above things to other users and you buy new ones
    you can work in the stables in order to make gold for the living (usually people work in the stables when the go to sleep or have work to do in real life,etc)
    you can take missions by the tavern, or search for weapons/shields/etc by exploring the surrounding of Rome!
    also you can belong along with your friends in a clan and trying to make your clan the strongest!
    you can make alliance with other clans, or making new enemies!

    also you can have a tutor or you can become a tutor to a new member

    lastly, in order to help you upgrade you can put a link that sent you gold from the people who clicked it, so you could ask your friends even if they do not want to play to support you...

    i love this game because it has level ups and good ranking

    it support many languages...

    i will put some links if you want to take a look!

    -----> Gladiatus

    it would be nice to make a Magnashare clan...
    if i am allowed to join(i am not sure because i play in the greek version) i would gladly participate....

    p.s if i manage to learn how to upload images i will add them here...
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    What a lame ass browser game.

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