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    Very disappointing chap imo. Aizen couldn't even land lethal blow on Ichigo. Bad bad way for Aizen to get finished like this. A guy who's known to oblitirate anyone on his path with little to no effort at all ended being beaten easily as this. I feel betrayed for believing in the power of one of the greatest villian ever. Kubo could have done a much better ending for Aizen.

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    is it me or didnt ichigo look a bit like byakua in ftg mode
    at least he still has his inner hollow
    what an end to it uruharra saved the day with the help of ichigo how can u make a new kind of kido lol that guy is a G lol (a bit like prof. snape lol making their own spells)

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    Great chapter! Enough said. If you didn't like how it ended stop complaining and go read something else.

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    And what about Aizens bankai? his bankai was so irrelevant that the H cube just didnt want the readers to see it or get bored by it.

    Thank you H cube.

    Edit: Why should we see a lame bankai now? i mean bankai is so last year now we have mugetsus and grotesque transformations wooooooojo.

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Of Soul Society View Post
    at least he still has his inner hollow
    Nope, his hollow powers are gone as well.

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    Sosuke Aizen, a rebel with a cause, or a tool for something he couldn't fully comprehend. Was nice seeing some actual emotion from Aizen. Guess even he could not grasp the Hougyoku's true power.

    A sealing seems about the most proper way to get rid of a larger than life Big Bad.

    Also, gives Aizen points by needing a pre-planned strike from one of the greatest geniuses in Soul Society history along with a combination from the Hero's ultimate technique/last resort just to put an end to him, which may not even be permanent.

    Defeat without permanent death. Anticlimactic, yet so fitting for a guy like Aizen.

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    So, soul king is a "thing" huh... Makes it seem like its an object that just keeps everything together.. Which makes sense why it needs to be guarded.. because it cant guard itself..

    Aizen seemed to not be truly evil, actually.. He just didnt want to be controlled by the soul king.. haha, thats why he didnt just wipe out everyone when it was so easy..

    Kinda sad that it was just 1 attack and gone.. But once again, he said shinigami powers are gone.. And aizen getting sealed leaves it open for him to get out later, too..

    HGY no longer saw aizen as his master... but it was still left in aizen, right? Do you think people could use its powers even while aizen is sealed? O.o

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    Senior Member snowbear's Avatar
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    i dont have any problems with the chap..

    still wondering though that ichigo's hair grew long but then there was no facial hair.

    am i the only one having problems with the first page not loading properly?

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    - That better be the end of Aizen for now and for gods sake I hope they got the H-cube!!

    - I though Ichigo's transformation would be more than a single move but oh well...

    - For a second there thought the whole manga would be in color.

    - The fact he was sealed and not killed suggest he may make a return later...

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    All this build up for nothing....Ichigo's final transformation was a waste...The Final Getsuga Tenshou didn't even kill Azien....and we really didn't see what it does.....All these wasted EVOLUTIONS for what????

    No one can tell me any techniques on Aizens part...honestly he seemed stronger with his regular zanpaktou's power of ultimate hynosis....

    Don't get me started on Ichigo...oh brother.......Kubo needs to stop writing...and end Bleach already....that was the worst final battle in any Manga ever....I mean they never a real fight head on...FAIL!!!

    It was a whole alot of talk...Am stronger then u....NOOO!!!!! im stronger then cud u say that..wait wait!!!! i evolved stronger then u....CAN WE FUCKING FIGHT ALREADY...ULTIMATE POWER.....FINAL BLOW.....POWERS LOST.....did i kill u Aizen NO BITCH im evolving again...:/

    Bleach is visual porn.........kool transformations but nothing more.......
    And this is why I read Onepiece.....Oda is the MAN!!! Kubo sucks ASS!!!

    LAME LAME LAME LAME!!!!!!!!!

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