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    I think it could be potentially interesting. The spoilers are still being confirmed by the way, so the chance they might be false is still a possibility.
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    interesting chapter.i like it cause we learned that urahara had a plan against aizen.furthermore since aizen is sealed and not killed this wasnt the final battle.and i like the fact that urahara looks cool again cause i was disappointed when he lost against aizen.

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    The spoiler seems fake because Uaraha can't go to Soul Society, unless they unlocked his passport.

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    Actually notice it said the H-cube no longer recognizes Aizen so it probably wants Ichigo and thats how he gets his power back.

    - I didnt think Ichigo would loose his power that quick I thought there would be a little more fight.

    - Aizen being sealed instead of dead oh boy....

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    i actually like this ending to aizen always knew he had to be sealed i think they might take him to soul society to deal with him properly there... has anyone thought maybe aizen has lost his powers too seeing as sugietsu has disappeared or can this be aizen toying with us again lol.......

    @zero im pretty sure they are in karakura town what ever it's called and besides a time like this i'm pretty sure he is more than welcome to soul society..... and also hollows has attacked citizens in rukongai so i think he's the one who didn't want to go into soul society

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    lol !! Aizen gettin sealed.. just die you fckin prick

    - I thought it was time for King Realm:

    there will be another bad guy appearing from another place, King Realm ?!?! Someone who's waiting for Aizen's defeat, because Aizen talks too much and that's why he never wanted to met him, even fight him

    No seriously; I think that King Realm is gonna be Round 2.
    ** It seems like there's gonna be time-skip and someone is gonna un-seal Aizen. Do you guys remember the Muramasa Filler Arc, when his Master is sealed away etc..?

    It seems a little bit like that.. but the question is; who's gonna save Aizen?
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    Ichigo in FGT form looks sweet. Shall be my new desktop picture for awhile and yours too.
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