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    Bleach 421 Spoilers

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    From Sheetz on FLOL:

    Even though he was hit by Mugetsu Aizen is still alive.
    Then Urahara arrives on scene. He begins to invoke the kido he used from the time he fired hado in rapid succession against Aizen since Aizen’s power has weakened.
    Aizen’s body begins to break apart.
    Aizen: “Why did someone of your intellect wish to do something like that!”

    Posted by 69ruma

    Quote:背表紙は名前ど忘れした ネリエルと眼帯カマキリの人とハリベルの部下残り
    I forgot the names of the person on the spine pic. Neliel and the eyepatch mantis and part of Harribel’s fraccion.

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    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    Bleach 421 Spoiler Discussion Thread

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    Got to be Shinhan for me, He dickrides the mods like there's no tomorrow.

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    If these spoilers are real, and Urahara becomes the villain like the dialogue is suggesting, I'll be disappointed.

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    There were time when this manga was considered slow and annoying.

    Now it's plan confusing and bizard! Kubo better find a way to explain all this confusing parts of story. The manga is just a plotewhole away from being a catastroph.

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    It's possible Ichigo is now "powerless" and Urahara was just destroying the stupid hougyoku/Aizen and Aizen doesnt understand why he is destroying it since he probably thinks him and Urahara should have the same views/ideals since they're both super intelligent.

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    Source: Mangahelpers
    Verification: Confirmed]

    Credits: Sheetz

    After firing Mugetsu Ichigo's power gradually fades. His transformation also unravels.
    Aizen is collapsed after the Mugetsu. He's not dead due to his regenerative abilities, but his transformation is also unraveling.
    Ichigo lands down at Aizen's location. He kneels as his shinigami powers vanish.
    Aizen stands completely still before him. "This is your defeat," Aizen says as he shows his sword.
    愛染の刀が消えていく。愛染はそれを宝玉が私に刀は必要ないと判断した、力を失った君と違いさらに高みへ昇 り詰めるのだと叫ぶ。
    Aizen's sword vanishes. Aizen says the hougyoku has judged that his sword is unncessary. Because Ichigo has lost his power the difference in their powers is even greater.
    しかしその時愛染の胸から光が貫くように現われる。なんだこれは?とうろたえる愛染にようやく発動したみた いっすねという声。そこには裏腹が。
    But just as he says that light rays pierce Aizen's chest. "What is this?" he asks. "I've finally invoked it," answers a voice. It's Urahara.
    それは愛染が完全な変貌を遂げる前に鬼道を乗せて打ち込んだ鬼道で、宝玉と融合した愛染は殺せないと判断し て封印するために開発した新しい術。
    He's talking about the kido he tried before Aizen completed his transformation. Because Aizen can't be killed when fused with the hougyoku he's decided to develop a new technique to seal him.
    そう説明する裏腹に、残念だったなさらに進化を遂げようとしている私をこの程度の鬼道で封じることなどでき るか!と叫ぶ。
    Aizen says to Urahara that it's too bad. "Since I've evolved further that level of kido won't be able to seal me!
    だが、それと同時に愛染の変身がさらにとけ、顔も死神の時の姿に。力が失われていくのを感じ驚 く愛染。
    However, just as he says this Aizen's transformation unravels even further, and even his face is like that of his shinigami form. Aizen is shocked as he senses his power fading.
    "That's the hougyoku's intent. As your power has weakened it doesn't recognize you as its master," says Urahara.
    そんなわけあるか!と愛染。封印が始まりながらも愛染は裏腹に叫ぶ。お前ほどの頭脳がありながらなぜあんな ものに従っている!?と。
    "That's impossible!" screams Aizen at Urahara as he starts getting sealed. "Why would someone as intelligent as yourself follow someone like that!"
    霊王をみたんすねと裏腹。霊王の存在がなければSSは分裂する。霊王は楔で、それを失えば容易く崩れる。世 界とはそういうものだと裏腹。
    "Because I observed the Spirit King. If the Spirit King didn't exist Soul Society would break apart. The Spirit King is the lynchpin, and is he is lost it would easily crumble. That's how the world is," replies Urahara.
    それは敗者の理論だ!勝者は常に世界がどういうものかではなくどうあるべきかについて語らなければいけない !私は━!といいかけたところで苺が目を背ける。
    "That's a loser's theory! A winner should never wonder what the world is like but rather how it should be. I am...!" As Aizen is cutoff Ichigo averts his eyes.
    The next page is Aizen being sealed.

    Another translation

    - Now, the time is over...
    Zangetsu: If you use this technique, you will lose all your shinigami powers--
    This is goodbye, Ichigo

    bleach - Slice this moment!!

    Aizen falls into a pitch-black place

    421 DEICIDE23
    Having used Mugetsu, the bandages on Ichigo's face are coming off.
    Aizen comes falling from the sky with his weird mask removed.
    Ichigo: Is he going to regenerate again...!
    Ichigo loses his shinigami powers, and returns to being orange Ichigo
    He falls to his knees, pitching forward
    Ichigo (Crap... My shinigami powers are... Disappearing...)
    Aizen stands up. This is your loss, Kurosaki Ichigo. Look, my zanpakutou is disappearing... You of all people should understand what that means...
    Aizen's right eye is white, left eye is a hollow, and is turning into a hollow from the mouth. "The Hougyoku has deemed that I have no need for a zanpakutou!!
    Just like you, who became one with your zanpakutou and that ability, no, I have surpassed you, who has lost all your powers, and I will rise to an even greater height
    This is the end! Kurosaki Ichigo!!!

    A light goes through Aizen from the hole in his chest?
    Aizen: What is this...!! Kidou...!? When did this...
    Urahara: It seems it finally activated, huh
    Aizen: Urahara Kisuke...!! Is this your doing...!
    Urahara: Yes. I cast that kidou into you before you completely evolved... When you were ultimately careless, and I cast it by riding it on another kidou
    Aizen: That time...!
    Urahara: ... That is a seal. If you were to fuse with the hougyoku, I thought it'd be practically impossible to kill you. So that's a new kidou I developed to seal you.
    Aizen: Is that so. But what a pity. Look, even now, I am undergoing further evolution. As if such a level of kidou could seal me!!
    Light? penetrates his body
    Aizen: Wh... What is this... My power... The power I attained is... Disappearing...!!
    Urahara: ... That is the will of the hougyoku. The reason why the seal I cast then is activating after so long is because your power had grown weak.
    The Hougyoku's saying it isn't recognising you as its master any more.
    Aizen: Impossible... There's no way... There's no... There's no way....
    A round Aizen.
    Slowly reutrns to normal Aizen. Urahara Kisuke!!!! I despise you!! Why do you do nothing even though you have such intellect!! Why do you go along with such a thing!!
    Urahara: Such a thing...? The spirit king, you mean...? ... I see, you saw it, didn't you. When the spirit king is not around, the whole Soul Society will break apart.
    The spirit king is the lynch pin. If we lose the lynch pin, it crumbles easily. That's the way the world is.
    Aizen: That is a loser's logic!! A victor constantly speaks not of what the world is, but of the way the world SHOULD be!!!!

    Ichigo stones.
    Ichigo narrows his eyes.
    Ichigo averts his eyes.

    Aizen disappears.

    Ultimate seal!!

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    Just as I thought, Aizen doesn't die from the getsuga cause of the HGQ regeneration. However he becomes far weaker than before, yet still stronger than Ichigo cause Ichigo's power level drops to zero, then urahara shows up to seal him with his kido. This feels alot like a timeskip is on the way. Aizen gets sealed up for a while, so he's out of the picture till Kubo introduces some new villains, either vastolordes or Hellspawns. Aizen getting sealed is basically like Oro getting sealed, they have plenty of time to perfect their plans in the alternate dimension.

    This had to happen, as in either Aizen needed to lose and retreat or get weakened and sealed up, otherwise the manga would've ended. Let's see where Kubo takes things from here on out. The spirit king seems weak as in he needs protection, yet is very important to the fabric of soul society.

    Seriously give us some f**kin VASTOLORDES!

    But highlight of this chapter, Ichigo's getsuga tenshou and urahara's kido.
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    Looks like the conclusion is gonna be much more boring then I had expected. Potencial was there, sigh ..
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    I think thats a wrap folks.

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