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    she might be

    only if she turns out to be stronger than the present 4th arrancar, ulq.

    if ulq. resembles/hints of being a vL, than Nell has to be one because she is stronger.

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    If Nell was the former 3rd espada, and Aizen's espada is more powerful than the former, than I highly doubt she is a vasto lorde. I don't think any of the espada are Vasto Lorde, except maybe numbers 1 and 2.

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    talking bout holes..i think i know where Halibel holes...

    espada... i dont think all of them VL .. except for number 1..
    since its very hard to find one.. its very rare.
    i dont think VL would obey Aizen just like that.. their battle abilties much higher than Captain class. Well, 5 VL surely can take Aizen down. As u know hollow = evil -_- exception for cute nell. -_-

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    I also think that as more powerful a Hollow is the more human their emotions are: Nell's super soft towards Ichigo...damn I can't find here her hole is... and Grimmjow also shows that he as ambitions and determination much like Ichigo(if maybe differently directed) and the only thing that goes against this is the "aura of super indifference" around Ulquiorra.

    Also when it comes to replacements Nell would probably still be in the Espada: even if Noitra says that she's no good anymore he was a Espada with her long ago and he was still weaker than she but he's still on the Espada and Nell doesn't seem impressed with his number.

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