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    Quote Originally Posted by Aga bomBa View Post
    I know about him stopping Zabuza's sword with one arm, but like you said; that's nothing compared to Kyuubi / Sage / Rikudou Mode Naruto. That's what I meant..

    - When he obtained the Rinnegan you said,.. but doesn't he have to implant those eyes? I can't see him obtaining the Rinnegan powers that quikly, right? Madara captured those eyes, OK.. but has he obtained his powers that quikly? Have to read the spoilers again, probably missed that part.

    - I was hoping for him to train a lot also, before Madara arrives.. but Madara seems to be faster @ his location then other shinobi's, that guy just teleports there in a flash But you're probably right; going for the Kyuubi, like; he's next on my agenda.
    Well, between Shodaime's physical energies, the Rinnegan, Izanagi, and his teleportation, it stands to reason that Madara has both more physical strength and more survivability than Sasuke (unless Sasuke can use Susano'o and Madara cannot). Yet we don't question the fact that EMS Sasuke will certainly be on par with Kyuubi/Sage Naruto when they finally fight. Either we have that much faith in the final EMS jutsu (over the Rinnegan?) or we give Sasuke's physical strength far too much credit.

    On the plus side, of Madara intends to fight Naruto now, that means that Naruto and Sasuke will probably get one more power-up each before they finally fight each other.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Aga bomBa View Post
    - Well, Gaara seems to have his Sand ability, after he lost his Bijuu's powers. It could be..

    - I mean; can we really believe, that Naruto's gonna lose the Kyuubi, when he went through all that problem of controlling his powers, sucking Kyuubi's will, seeing his mother motivating him and grants him with love that he never had and needed to become stronger? Which eventually led Naruto to become close to the 4th path, Rikudou? And upon that; he sealed the Kyuubi with a sealing method which probably been executed by Rikudou himself someday.. Kyuubi screaming; What? This is Rikudo?

    It's still hard to believe, that Madara's gonna get Kyuubi that easily, but we all know that he needs it for awakening the Juubi. There's just one thing we also know; Naruto can't die ( plot wise, being the main- character ) and we know that a Jinchirikuu dies, after someone extracts his bijuu's powers. So, don't know how Madara is gonna do it.

    - Kushina stayed alive, because of her life- force ( Uzumaki bloodline ). So yes, Naruto won't die instantly, but I still can't believe that it's gonna be played out like that. We've to see..
    my point exactly, if the kyubii is taken from him and he remain alive he would still have access to the chackra he took out of the kyubii. but since kishi will be the one to decide(bleach lol) it prolly wont happen like that

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    I like the ending of this chapter, Madara vs Naruto going be good. Naruto will probably fail at first though.

    Why does Bleach chapter come out so dam early and Naruto at midnight? Aren't they both in the same magazine?

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    Quote Originally Posted by O-E-M View Post
    ok lets say naruto is captured and the ninetail is extracted from him, do he get to keep the chackra he stole from kyubii? after all he did seal it somewere else. and also will he remain alive since seen kushina alive after madara did his thiing.

    Not gonna happen

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    Am liking Madara's new mask and he's going after Naruto kind of early. Am guessing he's not waiting until the war starts.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Arbitrary View Post
    Man, you are young!

    Edit :

    Tobi's got some sort of staff(?) with him, similar to the first sage.
    Errr kinda, I guess.
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