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The problem with Paulbee's premise is that states people get new phones whenever a newer phone comes out. While this is true of a lot of the Apple Crowd. The SmartPhone market is much larger than that. I know people who have 3-5 year old smartphones that are still working fine.
For some reason I have never thought of a Blackberry as a Smartphone. I have always seen it more like a work tool. Admittedly I can't specify the differentiation very well.

Having said the above, my query is (in my mind) directed more toward Tap and Swipe phones/pads. In other words, I see no need for Iphones, Ipads, and Android phones.

I really would love to know why people buy these devices seeing that (as I stated) they are expensive, and a Netbook/ regular cell phone do the same job cheaper and better.

I am yet to hear from anyone about their reasons for buying smartphones (minus Blackberrys and other well proven work tools). This is a very good question that should make the reader reflect.

So, what do you use your smartphone for?