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    Ever heard of Elysium? Yeah, I'm not there.
    I play RPGs for the most part, so a cookie-cutter plot will pretty much put me off from the outset. But, honestly, that still will not prevent me from at least giving it a try, with the hope that there are some pretty damn good plot-twists coming my way, or at least a fresh take on an old story.

    Overacting, Bad script (which, contrary to what some believe, is not the same as overacting), flat characters, uninspired locales, lame villains (this goes with flat characters), and annoying fairy creatures are also things that irk me some.

    But besides plot, I'd have to say lack of attention to background is something that annoys me a bit, especially in RPGs, where walking around vast areas is a pretty much a given (although I am not limiting this to just RPGs, any genre can have plain backdrops). I seem to notice it more in cel-shaded games like Dragon Quest VIII, Eternal Sonata, Tales of Symphonia, that new Naruto game for the 360, and Wind Waker, but it also shows up in plenty of other RPGs, including, but not limited to, Final Fantasy, Star Ocean, Xenosaga, etc. It's not that it really puts me off from playing the game - it's more like a distraction in which I stop whatever I am doing and begin to compare the level of detail on character models to the level of detail in a castle, or a cottage, or even a TREE.

    So unequal level of detail from character models to backdrops, bad graphics in general, exceedingly steep learning curve (every Capcom and SNK game I have ever played comes to mind) un-involved gameplay (where one button pretty much does all the work for you, although there were some "button mashers" I had a blast with), bad camera and bad camera angles; annoying music, battle cry, victory cry, etc.

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    i hate it when the gameplay, plot, character design, background art, music, and names are stinking bad!
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    Bad lighting.

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    Having just played Zelda's cross bow game for wii. Shitty aiming controls. I want a fucking light gun for the wii.
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    bad gameplay...and when there's only ONE and unique way to play it
    everyone,from the dumb,to smart,to random...end it the same way...that sucks
    that's why MGS and hitman blood money are my favourites...everyone can end the mission(task) his own way
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    all 3 of them are a no no for me if there bad. i just cant stand it.

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    What I really hate are exclusive games. I am not going to buy a PS3 or PSP just to play a Ratchet and Clank game! I love the series, but Jesus Christ!

    I understand the whole deal with trademarked characters and making exclusive games to get people to buy the consoles, but nothing ticks me off more than when I have one game console that cost me a ton of money, and the next installment of a game series I love comes out on a different console.

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    Graphics don't really bother me. What I really hate is a bad story. Stories that stretch out too far or with concepts that have been overdone annoy the hell outta me. Versatile gameplay is also a plus.

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    as long as the storyline goes well and the dialogues between the characters are NOT as flat and emotionless as possible i might not even notice any other problem O.O
    for example: Final Fantasy VII is 3D, Final Fantasy VI is 2D and yet i have the same amount of respect and love for both of them, the storyline of FFVI is captivating :O
    and yet a few days ago that i played Final Fantasy IV.... omg the boredom :O ppl were dying in there and still the characters went on and on. flat/emotionless dialogues and just a bit, i tiny bit interesting storyline.

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    i hate a game where it shows scenes that are tottally boring and cant be skipped
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