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    Quote Originally Posted by Sangaz View Post
    If Grimmjow1982 meant games in which to get the fullest out of them, having to pay a monthly fee to play online (when you've already paid £40 for the game itself) then i absoloutly agree, its daylight robbery. the game might be excellent but price is a factor in that.
    No it's not.

    There's allways justification for them charging it.

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    About pay to play games:

    The game may be the best thing in the world, better than Jesus and Buddha put together, but if it costs $1,000, I'm not going to buy the damn thing.

    As for justification for the charges, there may be, but there's justification for everything. The thing we humans do best is justify why we do things.

    Guild Wars doesn't charge a monthly fee. You only have to buy the game - no additional fees to play online. The question is, why can Guild Wars do this but not World of Warcraft and other such games?
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    Agreed, blizzard maybe need a little money for the servers but still im sure they've made more than enough money from sales of WoW alone, to pay for their servers and still make plenty of profit

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    If I'm playing an RPG I'm playing it mainly for the storyline. So if the story sucks I'll probably never even finish the game. I remember with FFX-2, I've always been able to play FF's and complete them. Yet with FFX-2 I could never get past a certain part because every time I'd complete that one mission I'd always stop playing because I was just too bored with the story.

    I think the second major point in an RPG is the battle system, but not necessarily the gameplay. Most classic RPG's had a repetitive feel to the game, yet it was that same battle system which made the game so good.

    For FPS I think graphics play a huge role. Most FPS are the same, even control wise, so I think it's important for the game to look. I also think FPS require good multiplayer options. I mainly play FPS online or with friends so if the multiplayer options just aren't present, I'll probably pass up the game. I'm not a fan of playing singleplayer FPS too often.

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    Bad AI and games masquerading as something they're not. in the n64s last days a supposed MGS beater called operation winback was released. this game was and still is an abomination before God and man. there was no stealth element to it because no matter how careful you were guards saw and located you. but that wasn't a problem because the dumbf***s just stood there waiting to be shot. they couldn't have made it easier if they had stuck a sign to their chests saying "SHOOT ME!" whilst jumping up and down like maniacs waving their hands shouting "coo wee! i'm over here." the damn thing cost me £50 and was damn near impossible to get rid of without making a major loss on it.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hand Banana View Post
    If Pow wrote the manga it would be accurate as fuck lol. I stand behind Pow(while humping his leg) on this one.
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    The thing that irks me the most is a bad storyline.
    Sure, the graphics may be smooth and unbelievably realistic, but if there is no storyline, there is no game.

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    stuck a sign to their chests saying "SHOOT ME!"
    Can't remember the name, but I do recall a game in which the soldiers had an emblem on their back that looked oddly like a target. xD

    Bad camera angles and no voice acting are what I hate most in games. Like the old Resident Evils; I liked them and all, and I know that the camera angles were supposed to make it more scary, but when I can't see a fucking zombie that's right in front of me because the camera won't change, it's just annoying.

    No voice acting = fail. Especially in newer games. I get so bored having to read through giant blocks of text.

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    for me what really kills a game is poor character/story development. I mean, gamers can overlook a lot of flaws, but games that have characters that no one cares about or a piss poor story can really drive a game into the dirt

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    Quote Originally Posted by shaggyjebus View Post
    Guild Wars doesn't charge a monthly fee. You only have to buy the game - no additional fees to play online. The question is, why can Guild Wars do this but not World of Warcraft and other such games?
    This is because Guild Wars utilizes a system that needs less serverside maintenance. You only really get online on the servers in the hubs (cities), as with Diablo-like gameplay and then you play in instances which are loaded on your computer, thus causing much less strain on servers. Also, games like WoW and City of Heroes give regular updated content to it's players and they have to pay the guys making that somehow (even though Blizzard probably have abundance of $$$ after these paychecks). Concerning WoW (and the likes), it's just one massive server that is constantly strained by player participation and from what I know the fees in mmo's started out to pay people who could maintain these servers and keep them up to snuff. otherwise, they would have gone kaputt.

    I haven't traced mmo's very far back though. I'm not even sure what kind of business-model they utilized for Ultima online. However, that should be "sort of" an answer.

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    I hate bad stroy lines/plots, Graphics, bad camra angles, and when the conrtlos are hard. loke in the hitman game.

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