Anyone read this manga? For the people who don't know the difference between the manga and anime, here are some of them. Spoiler warning.

The FMA anime, half way through, is where they completely change from the manga, pretty much, but before that just subtle differences, and the order of events happening. The anime has different homunculus than the manga. The homonculus are like this..

Greed=that same devils nest, ultimate shield. They both die in anime and manga, but in manga a new greed is born, some prince from Xing comes and turns into the new greed.
Lust=the same as manga one, but she dies in the manga and I think she dies in anime too, cant remember.
Pride = in the anime Pride is the fuhrer, king bradley. in the manga, Pride is the original homonculus, King Bradley's son, the little kid. He's freaky.
Envy = the same in both
Gluttony = the same in both
Wrath = in the anime, wrath is al and ed's teacher's son. In the manga, wrath is king bradley.
Sloth = in the anime, sloth is ed and al's mom. in the manga, sloth is some mysterious, HUGE homonculous, really fat and large and strong.


The manga is still going, the anime is over. IMO the manga is much better, and it's still going in the monthly shonen jump.