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    Can't believe it's coming to an end . Part of me is sad, but at the same time part me is excited to see a story come to an ending. Hope its a good one .

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    yes, it's been confirmed that the June's chap is the last :(((

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    So any day now the conclusion of this awesome manga is coming?!? Maaaan... I can't contain myself!

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    Anyone have any clue on when the manga is going to be out?
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    Last chapter is out on OneManga

    FMA 108

    I thought it was a good end, if not somewhat cliche.

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    100+ EPIC PAGES! :'(

    Good bye Fullmetal Alchemist~ you have been an epic part of my manga/anime life.

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    It was a very good end, hope the next manga buy the author is good.

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    A small part of me is really sad, it was an amazing 8+ years for the series.

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    Im not too happy about Ed without alchemy but it was a nice ending. I liked it more than the first seasons ending. Cant wait to see his next manga.

    Anyone else notice the FMA chess board? I want one.

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