i would like to discuss the origins of the black balls not neccessariy how they do what they do.

chp 301 we are told by sebastian's father? that his daughter began to utter numbers and through reason they w ere able to develop these mysterious black balls.

possible sources of the information.

1.totally random event that just happen to coincide with an aliens, vampires and the end of the world or

2. an alien race we have not yet seen trying to help mankind or

3. God, in whatever embodiment you can imagine

i do not believe that all the information has been told to us the readers. it begs few questions

did this family know they were hunting aliens or did they not?

is the old man sebastians father, cause sebastian is a weird looking person. my mind keeps going back to the blond haired alien that has been eyeballing Kie-chan in the most recent chapters.

and less important question is are the controllers in chapter 318 part of the family in chapter 301 or are they another gantz team that is more sophisticated than team osaka and tokyo?

what are your thoughts on this?