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    sasuke's gonna give naruto his eyes

    a la obito and kakashi incident. sasuke's going to get into a situation where it's imminent death. he realizes naruto is the man and gives up his eye(s). sakura does the transplant. and that's how madara is going to be defeated in the end. senju + uchiha + sage + kyuubi = total and utter destruction to madara.

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    Could also be that the Senju + Uchiha combination doesn't necessarily have to involve giving body parts to each other, but actually helping out each other. After all, the Rikudou was supposed to be a man of peace.

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    the senju + uchiha might refer to naruto n sasuke teaming up, maybe against juubi.
    but i doubt sasuke's gonna give his eyes to naruto, if sasuke is to lose his eyes, its probably gonna be taken by madara

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    probable outcome. BUT it would be a lame turn of events if it comes to this. I believe the numerous fights between naruto and sasuke is ultimately leading up to them cooperating and defeating the 'final boss' much like them setting aside their differences and defeating haku.

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    I say no!
    sasuke isn't the type to give his eyes!

    it's more possible that madara would give naruto his eyes then sasuke giving him his!
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    I think this is really plausible. It's either the eyes or a conversion leading to cooperation.

    But remember, Sasuke's eyes are already up for grabs, he traded them for his brother's... but seeing how it often comes to mirroring in this manga, a transplant like kakashi and obito is really something possible.

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    Hopefully sasuke just finds madaras stash and snags a few pairs for himself and naruto

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    I say Madara's going to give Naruto , Nagato's eyes.

    Just for the hell of it.

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    I think that Itachi's gift is going to do something similar to what you just said.. I'm starting to believe, that Itachi's gift ( half of his powers sealing in Naruto ) is somekind of " spiritual extraction ". The reason why he said; " I hope you don't have to use it ", makes some sense if this happened. Sasuke losing half ( or completely ) his Spiritual Energy and Naruto awakens Rinnegan for a short time.

    - Itachi had no other choice, because he loves Konoha as much as he loves Sasuke, but he knows how easily his little brother gets brain- washed. So " I hope you don't have to use it ", could be related to Sasuke losing his Spiritual Energy. ( The consequences could lead to Blindness or Sasuke could never use his sharingan anymore.. )

    ** It's a great way for his punishment. Sasuke has to offer something, to re-deem himself.
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