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    in your hearts
    Yeah with the Vasto Lordes out there somewhere, I guess that's who the main villains will be. Plus Aizen doesn't seem all that great now, it's like he's been reduced to a 'self parody' of what he once was. I just hope Kubo kills him off quick and we can see what lies next for Bleach.

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    Aizen's flashback will be about how he never learned Bankai... He needed power and took it without regard to how he got it...

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    Aizen has for the first time lost his composure and it stated that his form was his final evolution. Aside from a Bankai I dont think he has any power ups coming up.

    On a side note its funny we didnt see any of the other high level Captains Bankai either as if its being saved up for the next villain.

    Also let me add the little quotes from the Bleach DB2 Kubo interview to assure everyone the story is far from over...

    Q : May I ask you about the 10th division captain from the past? (TBTP)
    A : OOO isn't dead. OOO is perfectly fine in OOOOOO

    Q : the so-called OOOOO, do you mean OO is OO?
    A : yeap, OO is OO. At that time the candidate was the 10th division vice captain-OOO(nt: someone's name),who was originally to be promoted as captain, but...

    Q : Woo, I felt there is an incredible spoilers coming up.
    A : yeap, OOOO (laugh). But alot of things happened, so..eventually, OOOO,OOO hitsugaya toushiro is promoted . OO is OOOOOOO.

    Q : eh? could it be at that time OOOOO is involved?
    A : yeap, OOOO. If OOOOO, such OO should do. (laugh)

    Q : Personally, I would have expect if OOOOO, OO will be the vice captain, but I was totally wrong (laugh)
    A : That's interesting (laugh).

    The 10th division Captain from back then has yet to be revealed but it seems like they where promoted to Kings realm and something happened to the VC at the time so Hitsyuga got promoted.

    So stay tuned...

    You can read the full interview at the DB2 thread.

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    Finally read the chapter because I was out of town and man Ichigo looks bad ass. Muigestu looks like it will fuck Aizen up and end it. Most of the whole sky went black I was like damn. Excellent chapter.

    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Kubo already stated in the databook we are going to Kings realm next. I suspect there will be a timeskip after Aizen then a new villain problem shall arise.

    Kings realm next huh, YEAH!!!!! Timeskip will probably happen but I think Kubo have to show what the hell happen in HM before after Ichigo left before he does do it.

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    Those O's are really starting to annoy me.. I mean, the databook wouldnt actually have it like that, would it? It seems a bit weird, cause in the actual interview it seems like theyd be using a name.. so why do they take it out? Or does kubo just not have a name for those people yet? :-/

    Somehow i think that even if king's realm arc is next, it will take quite a while to get started in it..

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    Epic chapter right there. Going back to see how he obtained it was an awesome thing Kubo did. Ichigo losing his shinigami powers damn. This might explain what happened with his dad, which then maybe Ichigo can ask his dad how he got his shinigami powers back. I wonder what enemy Isshin used the final getsuga tenshou on if he even did. Either way that was an awesome transformation and the end of Aizen might finally be coming up.
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    Quote Originally Posted by onewinged View Post
    Anyone even bother to think outside the box as to why Isshin even knows about 'The Final Getsuga Tenshou' and how he even *hint hint* regained his shinigami powers? Well, I guess I'd be the only one not surprised if Bleach continues to air after this arc. Though this would make a fitting end too since everyone is already killing off Bleach in their minds. (Even though this chapter definitely made everyone's theories and such go to shits and pieces.)
    what do you mean a fitting end. no one want's to see bleach end like this are end at all. I mean look at how they showed his new form and all that happened was a giant black form in the sky that is supposed to be his power .you didn't even get to see what happened in that darkness .and the hole time leading up to that was way to long if that's all kubo was going to show it would be a let down to the series if it ended like this.

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