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    Senior Member Tunder Luffy's Avatar
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    I gues now that aizan is going to lose where going to a new lvl of strength mayby someting like the shimigami king come's back and wants to take over the world or wants to erase evry ting ?

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    Believe it! Ndes's Avatar
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    How the heck is this manga not ending? I am stunned.
    The invisible and the non-existent look very much alike.

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    Well well.. Seem like Bleach is getting near it end.

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    Appearance of Darkness Aga bomBa's Avatar
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    Hmmmzz.. okey :S Page 12, his transformation is the most epic transformation ever in BLEACH. Even better then his Hollow Form... but how silly is this shit; they say that Bleach isn't over, but it seems like Aizen is gonna get OWNED, real hard by Ichigo.

    And by losing his shinigami power, does that mean that he's gonna use only hollow powers from now on? Him training again and gaining shinigami powers ROUND 2 is just bullshit if you ask me. BLEACH was all ABOUT AIZEN.. Aizen this, Aizen that, Aizen who knew everything etc. So, if he dies,.. where does the new villain pops op? Isn't really that easy? can't believe it, he probably ain't gonna die here.
    ... You're Dead 2 Me Now ...

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    Senior Member FenixMarco's Avatar
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    Holyshit this was a awesome chapter! Ichigo looked badass but those this mean the end of the series with this fight? Him losing all his powers and shit? Then again the same thing happen with Ishida all he did was get spanked by his Dad and was fighting again.

    The last page why was a part of the sky black? ..........wait a second is that FUCKING ICHIGO'S ATTACK!?!!

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    Noob with noob ideas inc!

    I think losing his shinigami powers doesnt necessarily mean he reverts to a complete human weakling. Maybe he becomes something utterly different and very powerful from what everyone else is familiar with?

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    Quote Originally Posted by King Of Soul Society View Post
    i kinda felt sorry for zangetsu he was proper sad lol ... and i think some of you are misinterpreting it zangetsu is the 1 that has become getsuga so he will only lose shinigami powers not his hollow side so he will be half human half hollow ...... apart from the kubo inevitable with the ink the chapter for me was really good
    So if Ichigo retains his hollow powers, could he possibly use the Hougyokou to get his Shinigami powers back? Or could he become a Arrancar?

    It seems to me that Isshin must know something about getting Shinigami powers back... Either Isshin or one of his ancestors (Getsuga Tenshou might be a Kurosaki family trait) must have performed this technique in the past. Perhaps Ichigo is a member of a noble house that has lost its status because either this technique was outlawed or the leader of the house lost his powers due to using this technique.

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    Regular Member red's Avatar
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    it wouldn't be the first time someone loses his powers, it's happened before,
    kubo can always make ichigo get them back by some bs explanation......
    like POW said early on, it may be just the beginning of a new arc, this doesn't mean
    the end of the manga.

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    I can't wait!

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    Quote Originally Posted by POW View Post
    Epic sht but they wasted time with the silly flashback but that is the definition of bleach.

    - I was originally joking when I said it last week but it looks like Ichigo really will loose his powers and the story may start over with some new villain and Ichigo in his weakened state trying to regain his powers to fight....or there will be a timeskip and somethign similar happens.
    i remember ichigo;s pops lost his powers too. he regain his power eventually soo its bound to happened.

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    Wow, Ichigo looks just Wow.

    After this there should be at least 2 arc's so no worries of bleach ending.

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