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    Crazy Powers - No Explanation?

    I've noticed, reading Naruto for the past few years, that Kishimoto loves to create enemies who have weird powers. That's fine, of course, because if everybody used the same attacks, the series would be boring as hell. The problem, however, is that Kishimoto does not try at all to explain how these odd creatures came to be.

    This isn't really a big problem throughout the first half of the series. Zabuza is just strong and uses strong techniques, and Haku has a Bloodline Limit. (The Bloodline Limit thing is kind of a cop-out, but I'd say it's a necessary device, so characters can have different attacks, like Bleach's use of Zanpakuto.) With the Sand attack arc, it's the same - characters either have strong techniques or a Bloodline Limit. However, when the Rescue Sasuke arc starts, we see a bit of the problem. Orochimaru's henchmen are all weird, with no explanation whatsoever concerning why they are the way they are. Kidomaru, for instance, has six arms and can spin spider webs. That's kind of weird, isn't it? What kind of Bloodline Limit is that? Then, there's Sakon and Ukon, who are two people but one person? How does that even make sense? Now, one could argue that these oddities are due to Orochimaru's experiments or whatever, but that seems kind of weak to me. Still, I guess it works.

    The members of Akatsuki, however, make no sense whatsoever and cannot be explained at all, it seems. Zetsu is a venus flytrap, for God's sake! And two people at the same time! What? Then, we have Kisame who has blue skin. Sure, he's from a village connected to water, but what kind of person is born with blue skin, even if the village is water-based? The list goes on: Konan can turn into paper, Deidara has mouths in his hands (and apparently cut out his heart to put a giant mouth there), Hidan couldn't die, and Kakuzu could steal people's hearts and "die" over and over again. None of it is explained at all; no reason is given, not even a completely infeasible one.

    Maybe that's why Kishimoto hasn't tried to explain these weird people, because none of it would make any sense. Still, for a mangaka who tries to make his manga seem intelligent and steeped in realism (by having characters actually plan out attacks during battle and such) to throw all reason to the wind and not even say, "It's a Bloodline Limit," it seems odd, doesn't it?
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    True, but they could all say that it's a family thing, like their family's secret jutsu. The body alterations could also be put into this catergory, I mean stuff like Orochimaru's stretch, Konan's paper, Choji's enlargement and stuff like that. But Kisame and Zetsu are just freaks of nature.

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    You bring up a good point, I was thinking the same thing when Konan's powers were introduced. In the early part of the series, off the wall attacks and abilities were indeed through bloodline limits and genjutsu.

    I wouldn't hold my breath for an explanation, Kishimoto has made weird shit like Kisame, Orochimaru, Sakon/Ukon, Kidomaru, Suigetsu, Kanon, Zetsu, etc. as much a part of the narutoverse as animal summons who can talk, breathing fire, shooting lightning bolts and creating clones.

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    I think the reason he made Kekkai Genkai abilities is because he wanted some skills that was copyrighted.

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    Since when does there have to be a logical explenation for everything in a Shonen manga?

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    yea..sum doesnt even have to make sense... lol...n still will be cool...

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    The answer is simple: they're ninjas. Compare it with any other recent anime ninja shows such as Ninja Scroll TV or Basilisk. Most elite ninjas have those strange and wonderful powers or physical characteristics. Based simply on these, it's clear that Kishimoto isn't completely original in his character concepts. I'm sure that most of them are based on Japanese ninja legends, myths, or stories already told (Akira's Child, the ninja frog, from My-Hime isn't based on Jiraiya's ninja frogs). I've always been under the impression that these powers are normal for ninjas and little explanation is really needed.

    As a rule of thumb, if those powers are never explained, we can assume that they are not completely genetic like the bloodline limits. This might not seem to explain the ninjas with shark skins, extra appendages or liquid bodies, but I don't think that is necessarily the case. It is not necessarily the case that they were born with those abilities or characteristics. If you have ever seen Ninja Scroll the movie, you should remember the heroine with the poisonous body. She wasn't born that way; rather she was fed small amounts of poisons from the time she was born until she was immune to all poisons and even produced poisons in her body. Because of the use of chakra and different chakra types as a device in the Naruto universe, a vast amount of powers can be explained through, but not exclusively to, intensive training, family secrets, or genetic manipulations. All of which is accompanies by the use of chakra. As a result one can even go as far as to say mutations occur and are passed down through the family line. If you remember Orochimaru's comparison of chakra to color, you can imagine that the possibilities are nearly infinite when chakra is applied. Also, have you wondered how bloodlines came about in the first place? My bet would be through the slow mutations from generation to generation that I was talking about earlier. With this logic you can think of those unexplained powers as powers not yet a bloodline limit.

    I know all this may seem weak as an explanation to you, but this is just something we have to deal with as the readers. Having every character's special abilities or characteristics fully explained would take away from the story rather than add to it.

    As a side comment, weren't Orochimaru's powers already explained through the fact the genetic experiments that he did to himself?
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    I think you're missing the point: they are ALL weird like that! If you lived in that world, you'd be freaked out all the time. It seems even the average joe can walk on water for goodness sakes!

    If Kishimoto Masashi-san's gotta explain every single little creative aspect, we won't have anything else to read but explainations of how every single thing works. Use your imagination and just figure it out for yourself.

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    I think Orochimaru conducted experiments on his henchmen and that is why they have all of those weird abilities.

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    Yeah I kinda thought this was weird too, maybe in one of the fact books he'll start explaining them unless they are just the way they are and nothing is going to be done about it :( but I think Kisame just altered his appearance with filing his teeth and just cosmetic stuff like he cut himself on the neck to make it look like gills...just thoughts
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