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I guess you're right. I should go. You guys hold no interest to me anymore and not worth trolling. Carry on with your discussion of this faggot manga and have fun. This is my departure. Signing off. Deuces.
Wait a fckin minute.. where the fck are you going bro? Come on, you're Banana dude, without you, no fun.

BUT don't call my favourite manga a " FAGGOT MANGA "... what I don't understand is this; back in the days, you were very interested in Naruto Manga, but lately; it seems like you don't give a fck or don't like it anymore, why's that?? I know you've always loved to troll, but I believe that you used to love this manga like we do.. what happened?


haha, sending me a message, just to have a fckin discussion about " who's the p*ssy ", hahaha.. what a guy I FCKIN NOW you think that Itachi is the biggest p*ssy, just say it bro, don't hide it behind all the other characters you've put in the poll [ Uchiha's in general or Uchiha's besides Itachi, hahahaha... M**fkcer ]

- Naah, don't think so. AND STEVECHILD isn't serious and if he is; fck him J/K.. but Itachi being a P*ssy, what do you want me to say? HOW CAN I EVEN react on that..
I really think that Nagato is the biggest P*ssy in Naruto Manga, and the funny thing is; He's also HIDING and BEING PROTECTED by a P*ssy.. that's a lot of p*ssies

No seriously; it's fun why you made this thread, but I really have to go with Nagato be a freakin MAN and join your six paths.. AND ITACHI DIDNT RUN FROM GAI OR JIRAIYA.. Itachi never meant to hurt Konoha's shinobi's, that's why.. you know that he has always loved his village and even made that massacre mostly for Konoha's safety and Sasuke. SO WHY OOH WHY would he fight Jiraiya and Gai, when they are both very important for Konoha?

- Yes, Itachi owns Gai
- Don't know about Jiraiya.. Itachi knows how strong Jiraiya is + how much chakra / Stamina that guy has. So by knowing how intelligent Itachi is; I think if Itachi had to fight him for real, then Itachi would tried to finish him off real fast ( that's what he does, that's his speciality ) but if Jiraiya can counter T- Yomi or amatarasu and the fight goes on for a long time,.. then yea; it would be a difficult situation for Itachi.

AND PLEASE; put Nagato in the poll,.. Thank you.

[ You know I still luv you Rokudaime Sennin ]