this is the real deal, or not.

in your opinion, who is the biggest faggot in NARUTO?

i know..uchihas are the leaders of the peloton (sorry uchihatards!!!!!or not....) however the race is not over.

we have tobi, (you know why right?), sasuke (when oro showed up (that one was priceless)..when someone shows something new (danzou appearing behind him, full 8-T, even against zabuza and haku, itachi's susano'o and coming closer to sasuke ETC)), oro himself (he only had the guts to face konoha with 2 villages by is side (well i know that nobody is as strong as nagato, but...), facing sandaime only when he was old as hell etc), kabuto (running from kakashi), sakura (no need to explain), danzou and hanzou ( (and pretty much anyone that was there, no matter who it was) running from nagato (he was still a kid and hanzou was considered the strongest in the world. and both of them were always with security) and danzou's flashback), all the uchihas in general (besides itachi. they were faggots always smilling to the village but trying to do sheit in the shadows and..they are "the" etc etc.

please vote and leave your opinion. i have a lot of doubts: tobi or sasuke?well.. uchihas in

and yes..i am awsome.