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Fascinating...Aizen wants to be God.

Hmmmmm! In that case God is a Butterfly Octopus,

God is a Butt-Octopus, Butt-opus...I better stop before I go places I don't wanna go. Sure hope Kubo thought this out clearly, and isn't just pulling them out of....
.. his ass, you welcome ;p

- Okey, here's what I think; why does he screw everything up with a next chapter? Last week, we all agreed that Aizen looked " OOkey " and now he makes him look like this? Something that we've seen before..

Is this really the end of Bleach or what :S Just look at what Ichigo said to Aizen; your theories are boring.. 1. THEY ARE! 2. Ichigo.. ( too be honest; GIN was the first one, how fcked Aizen's ego and made him look like a fool ) but ICHIGO stole what made Aizen so " cool " and " awesome ". There's no style anymore if it comes to Aizen... just finish him up Ichigo, please. ( but NOO; Kubo will make Aizen stronger and stronger, transform him into a butterfly / octo / panter / scorpion look - a - like and YES; Aizen will again, starts with his boring theories; " Ichigo, excuse me for how I acted against you the last time. I lost myself when I transformed,.. but no worries; I'm back. Do you wanna KNOW WHY YOU WERE STRONGER then me last time, do you? [ Ichigo's face is like; just stop you stupid-fck ] .. it was all a plan which you have executed very well, if I may say so " )

And the story goes on and on and oooonnnnn...