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    Naruto about to end?

    So it seems like Naruto is gonna be end with the defeat of akatsuki. If this is true what do you guys think? will you be sad or what?

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    nah.. i dont think so... akatsuki doesnt seem to be "ending" soon. Plus we know Kabutochimaru is out there and Tobi, although part of Akatsuki seems to have his own agenda. Also, Naruto is no were near worthy of being a Hokage.

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    Yeah, I think after Akatsuki/Kabuto are gone, the manga is gonna be over.

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    Even if Kabuto and Akatsuki are defeated in this arc. We are still missing 2 great shinobi nations: The Village Hidden in the Clouds and the Village Hidden in the Rocks and more of the great 7 seven swordsmen of the mist.

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    Is everyone forgetting about Danzo and "root" ?

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    not gonna end. the manga is way to popular right now. maybe once everyone loses interest, say in 50 years. lol

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    Nah, There is so many quality stories kishi can produce, I like what k-oz said, How kishi might setting up another great ninja war and that will be like Naruto part 3 or something. And will invovle other nations and such. Right now all we have been doing is focusing on "Konoho" folks.

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    another war would be interesting - a certain someone could gain popularity by doing "heroic " things to protect the village, just like his father.

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    I think there is going to be another time jump due to a crazy event... or a really big fight that happens to cause the main focus of the storyline to shift.

    And I'll assume it's going to happen soon.

    Now for my prediction:
    This major "arc" (part II... the akatsuki story), will end with 2 fights. Jiraiya vs Pein and Konan... the fateful meet of him and his pupil and Pein (another aquantence... perhaps not his pupil like Konan). They will fight... and sadly, Jiraiya will meet his end. He will put up a AMAZING fight through before he goes down (just like Sarutobi did against Oro).
    *** to make this event in the rain village more epic... Tsunade comes and helps him (like she said she would... kinda), and they both die... wow. That would be pretty epic.

    As on the other field of battle... Sasuke reaches Itachi and Kisame... and they square off... kinda. Sasuke is about to attack Itachi, but Naruto gets in the way. Sasuke is trying to fight Itachi but Naruto keeps getting in the way to capture, him... and then Suigetsu fights kisame with Jugo (or Jugo is fighting off the Konoha people), while Sasuke and Karin try to fight Itachi. What about Naruto and the others? Well... remember Orochikabuto said he'll come back for Naruto? WELL HE'S CAME BACK! So they fight... fight... fight... and BAM! OROCHI gets Itachi while he is fighting Sasuke. Then Sasuke has no real goal in life... goes crazy, and runs off again... this time to seek power from Tobi.

    Orochikabutoitachi is the new focus... and he plans on taking over Konoha. Tobi leaves to train with Sasuke (Tobi joined Akatsuki so he can be in the same organization with Itachi because he know Sasuke would go after him). Pein still wants the last two tailed beasts... and if my lil rant about Tsunade helping Jiraiya happens, Kakashi becomes new Hokage.

    K, I'm crazy, but thought I would wanna say something cause I just woke up and came up with this weird theory.

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    It's really interesting to see (read) what everyone would like to see in the near future from the manga. I personally do not think it'll end soon, as hey_barbie said, the skinny is that the manga is way too popular (profitable) now to end in the short little while.

    Even if the Akatsuki are defeated, there are lots of plot issues that have not been dealt with yet:

    1) Naruto reaching his goal (and from there, a lot of new stories can happen. Naruto won't die from just being the Hokage)
    2) Sasuke hasn't had it out with Itachi yet (i.e., fate of the Uchiha clan, including the involvement of Tobi & the inheritance of Madara's power)
    3) Naruto & Sakura's acceptance of Sasuke's defection (They would probably end up having a show down of some kind with him and from that they’ll accept that he’s no longer the person that only lives in their memories – it’ll be kinda like the time when the 3 san-nin fought).

    Other major subplots have yet to be explored either:

    1) Kakashi’s role in Konoha (future Hokage? Next writer for the dirty novels?)
    2) Kabuto’s revenge and involvement in the whole thing (maybe he’ll end with the Akatsuki arc)
    3) Root & Danzou’s involvement (possibly being a trigger to civil war within Konoha, triggering another great ninja war? or just that he will be the one to protect Konoha when some of the other nations decide to attack Konoha for supremacy)

    Anyway, before I get more carried away, my point is that there are lots of things to be dealt with, let alone things that he can come up with. In the past couple of months, we all saw just how fast Masashi Kishimoto-san can add things to expand the story (I bet he never thought about all this historical involvement when he first started with Naruto in the village as an orphan).

    Yeah. So, plenty of things for us to look forward to in the future. And to answer your question: Yes, I will be VERY sad if this manga ended soon…
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