View Poll Results: Who will be able to face a Admiral and win

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  • Robin

    7 20.59%
  • Franky

    12 35.29%
  • Chopper

    5 14.71%
  • Brook

    8 23.53%
  • Nami

    4 11.76%
  • Ussop

    17 50.00%
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    Who in the Straw Hats will be able to face a Admiral

    By the time luffy becomes PK, who aside from the Monster Trio who do you think has the best chances of facing a Admiral 1 on 1 and winning?

    This is excluding the Monster Trio; Chances are all 3 will be at least at Admiral. This is just the 'backup' fighters Robin/Chopper/Nami/Brook/Franky/Ussop.
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