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  • Long hair ichigo (fighting on par with aizen with)

    18 58.06%
  • Full hollow ichigo (defeated ulquiorra with)

    1 3.23%
  • Still too early to tell

    12 38.71%
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    Quote Originally Posted by Zero View Post
    This pic says all:


    As you can see after Hollow 2, on the left, you can see a foot of the form that Ichigo is in right now(you can even see the chain). So right now it's his strongest, but I doubt that he will stop moving forward now (unless it's the end of the series).

    PS. It's pretty funny how his new form is so far away from the rest.
    yea but does each new form indicate incremental strength/power, i dont think so, i think ichigo just didnt like the way he was heading with the hollow, especially after injuring ishida/going out of control etc,
    i think he just wants to go in a new direction without relying on his hollow powers, i.e. trainging with his dad and his current new form, it doesnt necessarily imply this is his strongest form yet, although being able to face palm aizen is a good indication of how strong he is now lol
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    I'd say yes, this is Ichigo's strongest form.

    At least, until he gets another PNJ Boost in whatever happens after this.

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    ^agree this is his strongest form yet... until Kubo decides that he wants to continue with this manga for 200+ chapters -of course- there will be more power ups, we might reach the point where the entire existence of the universe is in danger by someone's reiatsu

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