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    Naruto getting more and more boring. I don't see any special from him. Just power up and up and nothing more. The Saint mode has already given him so much physical power and now 9 tails power.
    Moreover, look at how useless the strongest move of him. I'm now just waiting for One Piece. Reading Naruto and Bleach just for fun.

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    Cockney Geezer
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    We'll see either naruto go into super mode and teleport to smash the shark... or Madara will get his scroll.

    I'm waiting to see Sasuke's eyes ...

    Kishi has spent delaying the series so that he could figure out a draw a cool design for the new sharingan.

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    I didnt like either of them the first one was all over the place and the second one was full of lol

    They are from Amegakure not Mist !!

    Madara: What is this, You have Nagato's Rinnengan!!! What technique is this I feel myself losing Life, NOOOOOO...

    that reminded me of this lmfao! Yea the second one was even more retarded.

    - The 3rd one was slightly interesting but the dialog was all off.

    Fire type

    What chakra type are you?

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