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    Senior Member SquadZero's Avatar
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    Jun 2008
    nice chapter. I really enjoyed Ichigo toying with Aizen, while Aizen gets some of his own medicine.

    I'm thinking that my theory on the "new" Ichigo is correct, that Zangetsu is now allowing Ichigo to compress all his reiatsu, not into just physical strength as Aizen said, but into everything and anything he does; speed, strength, kido(if he ever tries it), etc.

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    Senior Member drgnx's Avatar
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    Epic! So Ichigo did undergo a different evolution!!! Nice!
    Ichigo says "right now he is stronger" That sounds ominous!

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    C'mon Son! OrochiKakaRiya's Avatar
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    My favorite thing about this chapter is how Ichigo's expression never changes.

    However, I will say that Kubo cant let Aizen get own'd through the whole fight. How lame would that be? Unless there are more enemies (VL) to come.

    Excellent chapter 5/5
    Beware of the Kyubii

    Stev3child - The biggest pussy of them all is rokudaime sennin though. If he was a real man, he wouldn't have relied on hax god-given powers to seal the Jyubi. He would have suplexed that bitch and ripped each tail from the beast one by one with his bare hands.

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    ichigo doesnt know what aizens bankai is, so the right now is possibly cause of that. Also, fear breeds evolution.. aizen could do hax and evolve again..

    I wonder if ichigos final getsuga is compressing all of his reiatsu in his body and possibly sword.. Itd be reasonable to say thats why noone can sense his power, too.. Plus, he started holding it in his sword, so learning to do that with your body could make him stronger..

    Honestly i might like the final getsuga of him compressing his reiatsu in his body more.. Cause really, how much change can you do to a reiatsu slash, besides holding it in sword? I mean, you should be able to do something fancy, like a X slash and sending it at the opponent with just the getsugas he could already do..

    Anyway, just saying its possible..

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    The Wise One shadowfox87's Avatar
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    Hahaha, Aizen is pissing in his pants. Though I always find it stupid when characters block a sword attack with their bare hands. No matter how strong you are, that's an incorrect move. A dodge and counter would have been more impressive to me, but I guess Kubo needed to show Ichigo's strength.

    Also, I agree with the theory that all of his reaitsu is compressed in his body. Think of it, his bankai is nothing but improving his speed and power. So why wouldn't his form right now be just an advancement of that? His speed and power have improved and he's not wasting any reiatsu.
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    Personally I'd have to disagree with the whole compressed reiatsu thing. Think about it like this if Aizen actually understood what happened to Ichigo, he wouldn't be shitting bricks right now. His problem is he doesn't fully understand, and does anyone remember when Unohana was transporting Ichigo to fake Karakura town from Hueco Mundo she mistaked that small amount of reiatsu for captain class reiatsu? Also it was stated earlier in the manga that one cannot perceive the reiatsu of another being that is so far above their own, also he might just be hiding his reiatsu so as not to murder his friends. (a la Aizen) Also I think this new Ichigo is an amagalation of his hollow, and shinigami forms. Seeing as his hollow alone killed uliquiorra extremely fast, and was known to have god-like reiatsu before that. I just think finally he got his persona's and their power under his control, and has ascended to a being even Aizen, Urahara, or even his father can understand.......also just for kicks I think in about 6-10 chapters Aizen will be dead, then we'll see about the King, and the 0 division (which I think either Isshin was apart of, or he was royalty, but left. Or maybe Aizen is royalty and was banished and wants to get back I don't know......but has anyone forgotten about Hell Bleach isn't ending no time soon we have 2 entirely new places to explore.

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    A muddy color. Soniic's Avatar
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    After reading this chapter i think bleach is going to end soon.

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    Also considering Unohana is basically next after yamamato she knows what she's talking about

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    Jun 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by Hagane, the Ice Nomad View Post
    The aura Ichigo seemed to be giving off is..."Dude, shut the fuck UP!!!"

    I loved how Ichigo more or less castrated Aizen by shattering his fully-chanted Black Coffin.
    lmao at the dude shut the fuck up... you are so right...
    this was a good chapter..i know that aizen is going to do something.. i just dont know what it is.. hell aizen doesnt know what it is.. but he wont die yet... there is still more to come.. although i would like another face palm bitch slap..or maybe a back hand coming from ichigo

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    Tomfoolery [CiTo]'s Avatar
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    Lol @ Ichigo standing still gawking for the last 20 chapters and now he's shattering hadou's and feeding Aizen 3 months of accumulated palm sweat.

    Also lol @ Ichigo being fully dressed. He should be naked right now according to Kubo. His Bankai outfit's completeness is indicative of his reatsu levels. He has no reatsu right now so...

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