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    Quote Originally Posted by [CiTo] View Post
    DBZ written all over this chap.
    OMG Yes I thought I was the only one who saw that. It reaks of Gohan vs. Cell and Vegeta vs. Goku (or one of those moments where gokus power level seemed lower then his opponent)
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    The aura Ichigo seemed to be giving off is..."Dude, shut the fuck UP!!!"

    I loved how Ichigo more or less castrated Aizen by shattering his fully-chanted Black Coffin.

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    I am wondering is it that no reiatsu can be sensed, because Ichigo has learned to exactly control every minuscule piece of it so there is none remaining to emanate in an ambient manner, rather than having it completely altered to physical strength.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    Assuming that Aizen's theory is right, and that Ichigo "can't" emit reiatsu in his current state, then the Final Getsuga Tensho is gonna be a way overpowered, 2 handed, overhead slash a la Kenpachi vs. Nnoitora. Though I doubt it's gonna be like that.
    uh huh, watch it look just like this LOL!



    Isshin could already do the move so why didn't he? Unless of course that was it, LMAO.

    Relax I know that wasn't it.

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    Great chapter!!!! Ichigo is the man right now but Aizen isn't done yet. You know he's going to pull something out of his bag of tricks to get stronger and then Ichigo is probably going to do something to match that. Can't wait to see what Kubo got plan for the rest of this fight.

    Favorite parts of this chapter starts off with pg. 13 when Ichigo stops Aizen's sword with his hands, would have been better if he stopped it with his finger like Aizen did to him, that would have been great

    Also when Ichigo destroyed Aizen's Black Coffin and when he told him the it wasn't his sword that destroyed the mountain but Ichigo's. Loved it.

    See Aizen, this is what you get for talking all that b@llsh!t.

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    Wow, Ichigo is humiliating Aizen right now. He's doing what Aizen did to him in the past like blocking his sword etc. I still find Ichigo's uber power up unrealistic though. If he is this strong he could wipe out the Whole SS no problem. He still got to be careful though, Aizen still got his zans ability.

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    lol, nice quote.

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    I'm in awe. Such epic chapter, but then I worry with what comes next. What happens to Bleach once Aizen is gone?
    There's still too much room to speculate on what happened to Ichigo, and if I had to guess, before Aizen is finished, we might see a flashback to the fight Ichigo vs Tensa Zangetsu + Hollow.

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    Ichigo owning Aizen, I think every one was looking forward to it. Great chapter, Ichigo's power is through the roof and Aizen's uneasiness in this chapter was the best part for me. I was getting tired of reading every battle that Aizen had with him evolving into something better, and then getting the upper hand on his opponents. Tables turned on Aizen and he doesn't like the fact that there could be someone stronger than him. I don't know if Aizen's explanation about Ichigo's reiatsu is correct, I guess we'll have to wait and see, but I hope it's something different otherwise the final getsuga is just going to be a regular slash.

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    I can't wait!

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    i wonder if ichigo can go into the cocoon state like aizen.....lmao

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    Aizen can still put an illusion on Ichigo and go Bankai. But beyond that...I am left to wonder wether Kubo is just going to:
    a) let Aizen retreat and bore us with the same story again
    b) dream up a new bad guy
    c) end Bleach
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