Anyone who has read the comic by Robert Kirkman knows how epic this is but for those that dont get ready for the first Zombie Apocalypse TV show coming to AMC October 31st Halloween.


The story centers around a cop named Rick who in the beginning is wounded in the line of duty and ends up in a coma. When he awakens he finds the world he knew has completely changed. He struggles to find his wife and son and with a group of survivors he struggles to survive the Zombie Apocalypse and keep his sanity.

One of the things about this story I love is its unpredictable nature as well as psychological elements its characters go through. You learn early on that no one is safe in this story which adds some dark realism to it.

I have wanted a Zombie Apocalypse tv show for a little while now I figured it would either be this or War world Z but I'm glad they choose this. It will be directed by Frank Darabont who also did films such as "The Mist" & "The Green Mile".

Well its early but if there any TWD fans out there that wish to chat about it or new comers interested in it chat away...