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    i see it the same way as Afro there are so many things that have yet to be answered and i am sure there is a reason that the vasto lorde were mentioned. So yeah this well test his skills as a writer like Afro said.

    The way i see it there won't be clear victor from this battle and so Aizen will retreat and be like it is not time for the final battle again like Afro said. However after this what i see happening is Aizen laying low for a while gathering Vasto Lordes and replacing the espada with new people. So ya i see a timeskip of some sort after this fight with about a year probably which will guve us time to adjust to a new Ichigo look lol. But ya timeskip but not the end of Bleach by any means and if Kubo wants to he can have Aizen go to hell and talk to the demon king or whomever and be like u wanna participate in plan to overthrow SS or something along those lines

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    If Tite Kubo was smart, he would end Bleach now. It's only been going down hill and wont pick up. Kubo has a cash cow and he will continue to milk it till it's dead, then he will milk it some more. If Tite Kubo knows about time skips and how they can double the length of the series, he will do it. I have no doubt that he would do it.

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    Don't forget that Kubo is the kind of person with a short attention span for a writer. He is already bored of Bleach and he has as good as said he wants to end it so he can move on... Zombie powder anyone??
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    i dnt think bleach is going downhill at all, i think the ichigo v ulquiorra ichigos full hollow form was one of the best anime fights i ever seen,

    i think bleach has alot of potential but they just need 2 expand it like naruto does, in naruto how many different stories were going on at one time, akatsuki, madara, orochormoru and kabuto, naruto and sasuke rivalry, i can go on for ever (well , actually only a few more lines but thats not my point) my point is bleach is far 2 linear its just soul society v hueco mundo and thats it,

    i thnk it wil be good idea, ,yb what claymore done the 7 year time skip , good idea the guy who made this thread im backign ur idea,
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    the end is near.
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    I don't buy the Kubo dumping Bleach idea. I mean unless Kubo is a total moron, or he is really completely out of ideas for Bleach(again, he would prolly be a moron in this case as well, IMO anyway) he would not dump Bleach to start on something new when Bleach is making him money, and chances are something else would not be as popular. There is so much stuff Kubo has hinted at and not explored in Bleach that he could really keep this manga going with exciting new storylines without much effort. Again, this is all my opinion, but I think Kubo would be a fool to end Bleach now. Make the cash while you can.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Afro Thunda View Post
    At this point in time, there can't be a time skip. Kubo hasn't worked his way towards one. Only if Aizen flees and gives the "Now is not the time for our final battle" line, then we could possibly see a time skip. But I don't really feel that's going to happen. I mentioned this in the chapter discussion thread, but how Kubo does these upcoming chapters is really gonna test his skills as a writer.
    I can already see it

    1 — How Ichigo became like this → 1 chapter long
    2 — Ichigonator laying the smackdown on Aizen → 2-3 Chapters long
    3 — The status of Ichigonator's friends, his dad and some random jibba' jabba' → will prob be 10+ pages long
    4 — Ichigonator getting the upper hand on Aizen → still one more chapter long
    5 — Ichigonator getting ready to finish Aizen off → either by the end of the chapter mentioned in #4, or a whole different chapter
    6 — Aizen stopping Ichigonator from finishing him off by saying how he planned for this, bla bla bla → we all know this will take up a whole chapter
    7 — Aizen either powers up and trolls Ichigonators childhood, or the following happens:
    Ichigonator: This has gone long enough. It's time to finish this Aizen
    Aizen: You still don't understand your inferiority. You can't beat me.
    Ichigonator: What are you talking about?!? What the hell have I been doing up till now?
    Aizen: *with a smug on his face* True enough. You have evolved into what I strive to become. The perfect shinigami/hollow hybrid. I must say this caught me off guard.
    Ichigonator: Enough with the talking! *tries to cut Aizen*
    Aizen: *stops his blade with his hand, and grins* Let me show you just how inferior you are to me
    Ichigonator: !!!
    Aizen: Ban-Kai!

    Ichigonator: gotta be s*****n me...

    The the year suddenly switches to 2012, the Sun collides with the Earth. Black Holes open up....the reader's eyes start bleeding. The manga explodes, and everything returns to nothingness....Thank YOU Kubo

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    Yea thats right Marik!
    Btw from which anime is this picture with the comment:"I-It has gotten quite bright outside."?

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    I agree with squadzeros last post... Kubo would be a moron to end it already. Yeah, it does seem to be going downhill for a while, but thats because it was already so high from the beginning to the end of "save rukia" arcs.. I mean, that shit was genius. But right now, if kubo does this right, he could easily bring it back up.. Maybe not to where it was, but close enough. It still has its moments even when it goes downhill.. Like the Ulq vs ichigo fight... The 100years back arc wasnt too bad either.

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    Now that you mentioned that 100 years back arc Chaos ,I would be quite satisfied for another arc like that,but this time I would like the story to be about Isshin's past "relationship" with Aizen.

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