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Hello everybody. My name is Kelvin, and I would like to share with you a theory that I've had for a while about Bartholomew Kuma. I've searched around, and I didn't find any similar theories, but I'm sorry if you've posted it before.

You can find a copy of this theory on my Tumblr.

I've had this hunch for a long time. It just came to me one day; I don't know if this has been posted before, and I hope no one steals this:

When English words are introduced to the Japanese language, they can become corrupted when they are shortened or mispronounced.
For example in English, the acronym VIP has each letter in the acronym pronounced (vee-ai-pee), but in Japanese it is pronounced as it looks: vip (as in it rhymes with the word tip).

Now on to my theory-

Consider this about Bartholomew Kuma:
  1. He carries around a book entitled Bible
  2. He pushed the StrawHats to seemingly non-random locations in a deliberate manner.
No consider these facts:
  1. The word Bible can be read in Japanese as biburu (like bee-boo-roo).
  2. The One Piece term Vivre Card is read in Japanese as ビブルカード or biburukādo
I believe that the book that Bartholomew Kuma carries around is an index of Vivre Cards of important and significant people. Notice that when he asks people where they would like to go, he is flipping through his Bible. When looking through it, he is confirming a target person's location so he can send the individual in front of him to that location with a certain degree of accuracy.

That's just my stupid theory. I think it'd be pretty fun if I was right.
not a bad theory but i never saw him look through his bible and like i said not a bad theory at all but did it really need its own thread like the war lord thread or the ask a Q thread would have bee a good place for this again not a bad theory so please dont take that the wrong way cuz that could be a reason he was made a war lord so he could find people i was just saying