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My bad I edited afterwords, like the 2 above said we don't know the exact details. As far as I remember all that was said was before the impel down arc started Shanks clashed with kaidou I can't remember whether it was Shanks trying stop WB from going and Kaidou got in his way to let WB go. Or Kaidou himself wanted to attack WB, which to me makes no sense since WB was stated as the strongest.

So yeah there's possibilities anything happen but from what was little said to me it seemed like Shanks won. For all we know they could had come up with a agreement without fighting.

I'm not just favoring Shanks over Kaidou just how again I read it.
You got it all mixed up FFL. Check the link the asker gave. Kaidou might assume that WB would fall in the hands of the marines so he might wanted to take the honor of killing WB instead. Shanks intercepted Kaidou so he won't interfere with WB plans.

Remenber WB and Shanks talked before the war. Shanks knew he can't convince WB to stop Ace from pursuing BB. He knew Ace would fall and a war is inevitable. After their clash of swords, Shanks might just offered his help it came down to it which it did.