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    Well Sharingan has the ability to sense chakra, not as accurately as Byakugan but still able to. How else does sharingan copy jutsu? They must have some idea of how the chakra will flow. If that is true then a mine full of explosive chakra would be like a glowing beacon to Sharingan and Byakugan. Sasuke probably saw a faint glow in the ground and threw a sword at it just to make sure.

    Also, Tobi could easily of learned Deidra's techniques just by the 2 talking, he doesn't have to demonstrate it for him to know. Also if that Tobi indeed is Uchiha Madara then his Sharingan could have read Deidra's mind, he probably knows every jutsu of every akatsuki member.

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    I'm saying that Tobi made a shadow clone after his initial blow from Sasuke, but before Deidra's Garuda. Also, think of a mine detector, or metal detector. And object does not have to visible in order for detectors to pick up the signal. Think of Sasuke using his Sharingan in this way. The radiation of the Chakra gives a 'color' that Sasuke is able to detect with the use of the sharingan. If you think of it this way, it is not hard to understand how Sasuke could use his sharingan to see the location of the mines. Chakra is energy, and energy gives of some sort of detectable radiation.
    How do you think Karen is able to pick up on the location of other shinobi? Because she can sense the power radiating from their chakra.
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    Who's to say Tobi didn't use something similar to Sasuke... he has sharingan as well.

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    I dont think Tobi would have to use sharingan to figure out where the mines were. After all he was the one who planted them all.

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    Quote Originally Posted by afro thunda View Post
    I dont think Tobi would have to use sharingan to figure out where the mines were. After all he was the one who planted them all.

    Maybe thats how he survived, him and his burrowing jutsu. He maybe could have dug so deep the bomb didn't impact him as much??? I actually kinda expected more from that bomb, it did shit damage to the ground other than blow everything away horizontally, Deidara was flaunting about how it would "leave scars in the earth like non other" or something to that degree. Not impressive at all :(
    A pie in the sky?

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    read the latest chapter 370, I think tobi is something much more then what he seems to be.

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