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Can't find the part about Cobra and Robin. I thought She only found the information about poseidon not the location. I check the SI arc and yeah it told the location of pluton.

And yeah Oda draw Robin finding a poneglyph when she was younger. It's chapter 398.
You meant Crocodile and Robin? Well it happen after Crocodile got his asked kicked if not there it will be in the flashback when Robin joined the crew. The conversation was between Robin and Vivi's father. Not Crocodile.

She says while reading the Skypiea poneglyph. "Poseidon....and it speaks of its location...who would had thought this dangerous thing still out here."

When you find the Alabasta one it will explain the ponyglyphs by Robin to the vivi's father. Like guy above said there are only 2 types. Ones with information and ones with locations.

Edit: Thanks for finding out about the poneglyph in the flashback, now I know Robin at least read 3. Just something that I'm adding up for later use.