B'ah! I did Vault 34 last night. It wasn't as bad as I thought (it is as bad as any other vault/dungeon crawl), but here are a few tips:
-Take the rebreather (if you have it) b/c you can save a lot of time getting into the armory and don't have to find the pump.
-Take a good CQB gun...you'll be fighting with a lot of ghouls up close and personal (I used 'pew-pew' and my riot shotty for most of them).
-There is a very hard locker to crack, so hope your lockpicking skills are up to par...it opened to reveal the pulse gun!!!
-Make sure to grab the All American in the Armory too.
I didn't crawl all the way to the lower level...guess I'll be back later in the game.

As for Primm, I had a high enough skill so I repaired the robot...every time he comes on I laugh a bit
I am trying to finish up some quests in New Vegas before I head to the Legion and take some heads!!!