Yeah this is a short idea. i was watching the Boondocks, and I wondered what would Naruto be like if Aaron McGruder rewrote some scenes.

No I am not a great writer at all. But this is what I thought the Meeting between Naruto/Sasuke should have been in 485-486

Sasuke looks at Naruto," I am pissed, my world was lost to me. I had a family a bright future. You always had nothing so you don't know what them bonds feel like.....:

Naruto sighs cutting Sasuke off," Look Sasuke Fuck You! Fuck The Sharingan! Fuck Your Faggot Ass Gay Ass Fairy Clan! Fuck Your Brother! Fuck Madara! Fuck Genjutsu! Fuck Snake! Fuck Hawk! Fuck Orochimaru! Fuck Revenge! Fuck Emos! I Rep Konoha 'ninja' My Hokage's got big tits and my jumpsuit's orange "ninja". Now get the fuck outta here, and leave Konoha alone.. Cause if I see you again I'ma Rasengan the shit outta you....."

Sasuke is stunned""

"Didn't stutter 'ninja' get to stepping bitch!" Turns around looks a Sakura," And you! Grow the fuck up! and act like you got some god damn sense! Stop getting in the way and being unless! Damn! Ninjas never learn, sick of this shit," Walks away.