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    Is Absalom really defeated that easily.......
    Well, I guess he is just like Sanji, anyway!
    when could the english translation be released?...
    Geez....... I hope i could understand Japanese
    Ooopss... Got too excited..
    I did'nt see the post...
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    and where is the funky skeleton ?

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    yeah..da ending of dis chap is so cool..
    mugiwara crew stand up together at last..really cool dude

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    i agree wit u dat perona didn't know how 2 fight..
    but maybe she had another skill..
    like nami, she doesn't gud at fight but she's da best navigator bro..

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    aye...I think this going to be one hell of a fight for oz and the straw hat pirates...First Move is Sanji, Next Chooper, Next Robin, Next Zorro for hes Santoryu blah blah blah thing (new move) and Franky for Burst Coup de Blah blah blah thing (new move). hahahahaha Franky fire the strongest missile or laser or energy blast.

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    Message from the Blacknoah:

    Kickass chapter, but their last words was what struck me:

    "Don't underestimate your nakama" (bad ass)

    Holy %^#, major beat down next issue!!! WE CAN'T WAIT (for another 2 weeks! No more of the suffering Oda-san, onegaishimasu!)!!!
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    Yeah, I predict the entire chapter to be all about the Mugiwara crew (sans Luffy and Nami) to showcase some serious teamwork potential. After all, this arc is really where their combo possibilities have been showcased. Past arcs have really emphasized their one-on-one abilities, and while I'm not saying that that's a bad thing, the strength of a unified front against one major foe (the Buster Call wasn't one single major foe, but a small army) can be a sight to behold. While shonen rules dictate that the Mugiwara crew will eventually come out of this alive somehow, this is a good opportunity to show what the crew minus their captain can accomplish.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Count_D View Post
    Perona might join them but I doubt it, she doesn't really have any fighting skills.
    Originally I wasn't going to make any comments in this topic, since nothing really stood out and grabbed my attention. However, your comment Count D really makes me want to disagree, since half the Straw Hat's have no fighting skills to begin with. Let us break the crew members down per say, and actually reveal that 4/9 members of the Straw Hat's can not fight without their weapons or Devil Fruit abilities.

    Ussop - He uses long distance, gimmick, and dial based weaponry. Ussop would be easily beaten without these items.

    Nami - The Clima Tact is just a complex version of a simple quarter staff, before Nami was given the "weather enforcer" by Ussop, her ways of battle was getting others to accomplish her dirty deeds or run away like Ussop.

    Robin - While her Hana Hana powers are incredible, they are hardly used and nothing more then more of deus ex machina idea by Oda. In the Alabasta arc, it was shown that if her hand's receive any form of damage. She receives it as well. So in logically terms she has a sword with two sharp edges. While most of her moves are grapple based attacks, everything else is more suited for spy/scout related missions

    Brooke - While Zoro can clearly fight without the use of his katanas, shown during the Davy Back arc. Brooke faces the same element of being screwed over like Ussop without his weapon.

    Perona would easily fit into the group, as she is not that powerful but she would fill any odd position, like Robin. Since when did it make sense to have Robin, with her abilities and archaeologist training on an actual pirate ship to begin with? Anyways please go ahead and be my guest at trying to disprove anything I just typed up, however I probably won't response since I'm usually at work anymore.
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    However Samus Aran is now some unknown low ranking military personal.
    Also the space pirates worship some giant doomsday hula hoop machine.

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    This is One Piece, anything is possible.

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    lets hope that OZ goes down, Luffy will catch up with Moria and start fighting him again.

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