We all know that these zombies can only be destroyed by removing thier soul. So for, there are only two known soul removal techniques. The one used by Nagato and the other one used by both Minato and The Third Hokage. These jutsos aren't your average ninja's jutsos. I doubt if there are other ninjas who are capable of doing such jutsos. There might be some similar jutsos in other villages.

Without using a soul removal technique, I guess the only way to defeat these zombies is by immobilizing and paralizing them

I suggest this battle plan

First, Shikimaro's clan can immoblize them and then the Hyugas can just close all chakra point making them incapable of using any jutso. Then Ino's clan can just use their soul transfer technique to completely get rid of the zombie's will. Ino's clansmen can just keep on doing this until the source of the jutso, Kabuto, is killed.

Free to share your own battle plan. This might become an interesting thread.