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    Asking for the permission to using Binktopia scanlation


    I'm a member of Naruto Family, a Vietnamese Naruto fansite. On behalf of the Vietnamese Naruto translation group of Naruto Family, I'm writting this to ask you for the permission of using Binktoia Naruto scanlation for restranlating into Vietnamese. We appreciate all of your hardwork to provide everybody high quality scanlations. To be able to using your HQ scanlation would be a significant advantage for us to making better quality Vietnamese version.

    We promise to keep your Binktopia credit and all your staff group, website URL at the first page, complying with all the term you request.

    This is Naruto Family fansite :

    Our Vietnamese translations are going to be posted there.

    We are looking forward to hearing from you.

    Thank you.

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    No, you may not use our scanlations. We expressly prohibit our scans from being used in the creation of international scanlations. If you really want to create your own scanlations I suggest getting a raw and cleaning it.

    As for the translations themselves you'll have to contact the translators directly and ask them for their permission to translate their work into your language.

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    I understand your policy.
    Thank you for answering me.

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