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    Quote Originally Posted by Seke View Post
    Kisame can absorb chakra by himself now??? o.o
    I thought only Samehada (and the fat Pein) or Kisame fused with Samehada could do it. Guess i was wrong.
    I was under the impression that he needed Samehada for that too, guess we're in the same boat. I wonder if he's going to die since he separated himself from the scroll.
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    Rated 5/5

    Quote Originally Posted by paulbee View Post
    Now it's time for the Weekly Mangastream Cybergrid-lock

    BTW RS, You didn't do a Poll Either
    LOL Bee. I was workin on it.

    Anyways, pretty sweet chapter. I personally think Gai's 7th gate will be enough to take care of Kisame. Some insight into his techniques

    Quote Originally Posted by A.E.G.I.S
    Official chinese correspondance between the symbols and hte seasons :

    * Azure Dragon of the East (青龍): Spring
    * Vermilion Bird of the South (朱雀): Summer
    * White Tiger of the West (白虎): Autumn/Fall
    * Black Tortoise of the North (玄武): Winter

    yeah, if there is a dragon, it's for Lee since he is the one in his springtime.
    6 Gates (peacock) start at summer
    At first, I and many others thought that the 8th gate would be called the dragon, however after some thought it is not the dragon but the tortoise.

    Gai's last 3 gates and the taijutsu moves associated with them follow a symbolic pattern. First the 6th gate, (the wonder gate), uses the move Morning Peacock (that's the red phoenix like bird) associated with summer. Then comes the Noon Tiger, which is associated with autumn/fall. After that is the black Tortoise, or Midnight Tortoise which is associated with winter. Then comes the Azure Dragon which is associated with Spring.

    What is basically happening is that Gai's gates and the taijutsu moves associated with them are following the 4 celestial animals and time of day, the 4 seasons, and the 4 Directions going in a clockwise fashion.

    6th Gate (view gate) = Morning Peacock (morning, peacock, and south, summer)
    7th Gate (wonder gate) = Noon Tiger (Noon, Tiger, West, Autumn/Fall)
    8th Gate (Death gate I think) = Midnight Tortoise (night, tortoise, North, Winter)

    The 8th gate is death, the coldness and hardship of winter. After that midnight, comes the dawn which ushers in a new spring, that is the representative of a new day, the sun rising in the east, the next generation, meaning Lee. Lee is the Azure Dragon.
    I think the 8th gate might instead be a black tortoise then., so Midnight Tortoise, winter would represent death. It would make more sense as it goes clockwise from east to south, to west, to north. The dragon would represent Lee or the youth
    This is why I don't want Gai to die on that island using the 8th Gate, if he does indeed die in the manga, I want him to die while protecting konoha and/or his pupil Lee from the horde of Edo Akatsuki zombies. Gai's death in the vicinity of Lee will show Lee the potential of his power, but mainly the reason why Gai is willing to die in order to protect the future generations, the value of life, not his own but of "the king" and when to unleash that power should the need ever arise for Lee to protect his village. The 8th Gate is the most powerful gate, giving him power that surpasses a hokage if only for a brief moment in time at the cost of his life. That should only be used at a more appropriate time, when he has some1 to protect, not chase after messenger sharks. He was sent there to protect Naruto, the future hokage, but Naruto doesn't need protecting, or else Gai wouldn't even hesitate to open the 8th gate if Naruto was ever in danger. So the 7th gate of Tiger should take care of Kisame, and then the messenger shark evades and reaches Tobidara.

    Where he realizes that Kisame is most likely dead if he sent the shark instead, so he asks Kabuto to Edo Summon Kisame. And Kabuto would then ask for sacrificial bodies in order to make his preparations, and that's where the two ANBU locked away in Tobidara's dimension might come in, to be used for the sacrifices for the Edo Kisame, and the second one might be used for the Edo Tensei summoning of Minato from the deathgod along with the yin kyubi. The yin kyubi is a must if the jyubi is to be reborn. You can do without the yang of the kyubi but you cannot do without the yin which is basically the soul of the jyubi split up, the missing kyubi yang (that's is now Naruto's) can be compensated for by the yang chakra of the other 8 beasts, so the jyubi will just be more yin heavy, meaning it'll have more yin chakra than yang. But the yin chakra is definitely needed in order for the jyubi to be rebirthed.

    Sasuke will most likely be sent to capture Bee, for a rematch but this time Sasuke disposes of Bee easily, showing the difference in power from when he had just gained the Mangekyou to now when he masters the eternal Mangekyou. His 4th jutsu will still be kept hidden tho.

    So KillerBee will die, and I hope Naruto hears of the news about KillerBee's capture by Sasuke, this time he truly succeeds, and his eventual death due to the hachibi being extracted. Then Edo Summon Minato will be unsealed to extract the yin kyubi. That's how I see things playing out for now.
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    if you look closely at page 4 Kisame is in the water holding on to the handle of Samehada. I think he can but it is not as fast as holding samehada. When he was holding Samehada he absorbed bee's chakra to the point he(bee) ended up fainting. I don't think that one guy has nearly enough chakra which is why he went down fast fast saying "insane suction" so maybe it's a after affect of absorbing from Samehada.

    My real question is why is this fight seemingly going to be over in 5+ pages of random chasing and 6 techniques when its been a long time coming. 2-3 chapters of real fighting would be appreciated.

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    Bleach/ Naruto fan
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    Rokudaime Sennin : really cool info. Your predictions are interesting. I think Naruto would go berserk finding his Dad was brought back to unseal the yin chakra. I am pretty sure his idea of peace explained to pein would end with him annihilating tobidara.

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    I still don't get it why Naruto is still inside crying for his broken ankle when he knows Kisame was out there. Good thing Gai was here to save the day. 4/5 for me.

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    You know, Naruto's Kyuubi chakra used to heal something as major as a hole in his chest without him even thinking about it. Now that he's mastered it, you'd think he could handle a broken ankle.

    Can't he at least send a Kagebunshin or something to help out? I mean, if Guy dies stopping Kisame, it's purely because Naruto and Bee are both completely retarded.

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    It looks to me as Guy's Afternoon Tiger is being portrayed as being on equal grounds with Kisame's Giant Shark Missle. To be honest Morning Peacock would probably fillet the Giant Shark Missile as its just a bigger version of the little sharks and Guy would only need to focus all of the Morning Peacock onto it like he did to the 30% Kisame clone. If Afternoon Tiger is far beyond Peacock as Guy is saying then this fight should already be over (in Guys favour >:])

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    Kisame OWNS.

    Kisame's Shark Techniques are badass and he is truly a Tail-less Bjuu to be able to summon that many. Hell, even a 6 Gate Gai couldn't destroy them all, that takes a shitload of chakra and to THEN turn around and use the Giant Shark Missile jutsu?

    All I know is that when he gets done in but accomplishes his mission with the intel, he better be Edo Tensei-ed.

    4/5 on Kisame alone

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    Impressive chapter. It was interesting to see that the samahada was truly loyal to Kisame the whole time. That lil beast had us all confused.

    Guy certainly isnt gonna die here, but Kisame definitely will either next chapter or the one after. Guy cant die until he showcases the 8th gate prob near the end of the series.

    I cant believe super Naruto broke his ankle just like that here i was thinking he was dam near unkillable while covered by that much kyuubi chakra. Guess not.

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    I had trouble getting to this thread, but anyway, Gai brings the DBZ!!! When the gates get opened, shit gets done.

    Also, it seems the Kyuubi's chakra doesn't heal broken bones. I recall Sasuke wrecking Naruto's left arm while he was covered in the Kyuubi cloak and also, he didn't heal quite as quick when he wrecked his arm after using the Rasenshuriken for the first time. Heh, I guess the Kyuubi's chakra isn't exactly a "Cure All" so to speak.

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