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I got my copy today too. It's a great game, but the lips are barely synced, and ATLUS USA claimed to be proud of their work on that. I'm one of those people that wanted the Japanese Audio option, but the game, music, and visuals are too good, so I'm trying to ignore it .

Wasn't that their main reason for not including the original audio? That the lips would no longer be synched with the jap audio.
So basically it was just some bullshit excuse?

The game itself really is fantastic though, and it's gorgeous to look at, it really is. I'm loving my import version, Sawashiro Miyuki's voice makes Catherine sound so horny, adds tones to her sexiness.

Waiting for info on a Euro version atm, too. I know it's unlikely as they'll probably just use Atlus USA's version but I'm still hoping it might get a dual audio release. If so then I'll buy myself a collectors edition of it.

Fingers crossed for a new Persona game next. With the same stunning cell shaded graphics that Catherine has.